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  1. Krow

    How to restore Android Calendar 2.2?

    I uninstalled it with Titanium Backup thinking that Business Calendar Free can do the job, but now all my reminders are missing (backed up in email ID thankfully, but sync doesn't work with Business Calendar) and Evernote and Springpad got uninstalled automatically. How do I restore the old...
  2. M

    HP to exit PC hardware business

    HP is planning to exit PC business and concentrate on software...Comes as a surprise. Check here: BBC News - Hewlett Packard to exit computing and buy Autonomy
  3. Q

    Match MySQL result from keywords

    i am working on a business listing site ... there are 2 tables .. business table (which contains the name and address descriptions etc) and keywords table (which will contain several keywords to define the business and each keywords will be separated by comma (,) ).. Suppose a user search...
  4. G

    Business Phone

    Hi people. I am new here. So please excuse me for my n00bness. :smile: My workplace is giving me allowance to buy a phone and putting some of my money into it. Touch is not that crucial for me but I would prefer a qwerty as I need to text and send out mails. My budget is around 16K but if...
  5. NewsBytes

    Dell announces the latest generation of Latitude series of laptops

      Dell announced their latest offerings in the Latitude series of business computing solutions today in Mumbai. The new offerings include Dell Latitude E5420, E5520, E6220, E6320, E6420, E6520 and E6420ATG laptops and the XT3 convertible tablet. These business laptops will house the Sandy...
  6. J

    Websites blocking are big business in India

    Blocking of websites are big business in India. The new scam under the nose of DOT and TRAI. Companies broadband service providers AND ISPs blocked sites for money. The website blocking business turnover is more than Indian internet market. Officers of telecom companies have received millions of...
  7. W

    Need Guidance on Braodband Service Provider Business

    Hi, My question is, I want to start a business as a Broadband Service Provider in my town, how do I prepare myself for the business? What I mean to say is that, what are the technologies(courses/certifications) i should have to learn in order to run the business properly and have knowledge of...
  8. Uoter

    Android phone

    well, as Android phone is so popular among people around the world. Generall, there're not so many models availabel compared to some other public system. so, what's the hottest one in android phone business?
  9. U


    The Infogroup Solution has played a key role in putting India on the global map. Thanks to the success of the IT industry, India is now a power to reckon with. The Infogroup Solution has ballooned to encompass many aspects of computing and technology, and the term has become very...
  10. R

    Cloud is Omnipresent at India’s Annual Conference on Business Technologies

    Business Technology Summit 2010 – India's First, Largest and Single-most Inspirational Technology Show Bangalore, July 2, 2010: Cloud is the Correct Answer to all Zen Koans! And Indian enterprises are at the forefront of a fundamental shift in the way they are obtaining software and computing...
  11. S

    Suggestion required for Nokia E61

    As per the office policy am no longer entitled to use a camera phone. I need a business phone with no camera. My current visit to mobilestore yielded no result. Finally i decided to buy a second hand nokia E61 which is a business phone and has a wifi as well.. Folks please suggest whether this...
  12. N

    Wipro's Tablet PC

    I recently read about this Tablet PC by Wipro called e.go so I checked out its website @ ::Ego By Wipro:: as well. And it looks amazing. The screen rotates 180degrees, the colour is really nice and it has a stylus as well. But what I want to know is - Is it a good laptop for a young business...
  13. I

    International School of Telecom Technology and Management

    ISTTM(International school of Telecom Technology & Management), located in between the multinational companies in Hitec City, Hyderabad is the World's first Telecom Business oriented MBA B-School. A group of IIM Calcutta & XLRI alumni along with the Top Executives of Telecom industry found...
  14. A

    deleting browsing history

    how can one delete browsing histroy.im having trouble while using the safety icon method in my vista home business pc as the history doesnt get deleted at all
  15. B

    hw 2 recover deleted folder in vista Business?

    I deleted an importanat folder by mistake and emptied recycle bin too. How can I recover that folder from my vista Business OS?? Pls help!:!:
  16. V

    Intel Live Chat - Get Updated

    Join us on 26th March 2010 at 3:00 P. M. – 5:00 P. M. on http://intellivechat.com and learn how you can boost your business profitability with the all new 2010 Intel® Core™ processor family. The Intel Live Chat will be an ideal platform for you to meet our experts and find out how you can...
  17. INS-ANI

    Need carrear advice for this Cyber Law and Information security course

    friends, i have just applied for a MS course on cyber Law and Information security. Following are the course details as provided by the Institute: Whats future scope for this course in India? is it going to provide me a good work profile?
  18. User Name

    WorldSpace radio to be turned off from Dec 31

    On December 31, the WorldSpace satellite radio broadcast service will go off air for all customers serviced from India. This terse announcement on Christmas Day comes in an e-mail to subscribers from Mr Robert Schmitz, Chief Restructuring Officer, WorldSpace, Inc. The mail goes on to say that...
  19. R

    Indian Freelancer payment options

    Hi, I plan to work as a freelancer for UK company. I will be working on their software project. I just googled and found receiving payments from foreign country is a risky business. RBI/FEMA/POLICE can harass etc. Does anyone have any idea on this? Please express your opinion :!:
  20. P

    what are the other business opportunity i can run with a cyber cafe

    I am running a cyber cafe my room sige is (17 feet * 5 feet) but the location is totaly road side. so i am thinking about adding some other business. what are the other business opportunities that i can run with cyber cafe to pull the crowd in my cafe. i am also doing some computer sales and...
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