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  1. slugger

    Avance Drivers Needed

    My Mobo has an onboard Avance Logic chipset. Today I tried to download the latest frivers for the same from their website www.avance.com. But I got the message saying they are no longer in this business. Can anybody direct me to a site where I can download their last driver update
  2. S

    Proposal Sites

    Please send me urls of popular sites for Business Proposal Formats
  3. S

    A Business Strategy and Analysing Tool Freeware

    I have created a business analysis and strategising tool in MS-Excel as a template and given it out as a freeware. It was included in the chip magazine's january'05 cd. I contacted digit about inclusion of it in theirs. I didn't get any reply. Now I have so many people using it and asking...
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