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  1. S

    financial management?

    Hi All, I have a small manufacturing business. I was thinking of taking a loan and expanding my business... Any idea how to go about it?
  2. M

    How to start own web developer business

    Hello friend currently im in last sem of ignou MCA. im learnined css n Now move to php vie w3shools if i do complited to learn after that I WANT TO START MY OWN BUSINESS FRM HOME AS WEB DEVELOPER FOR THAT HOW SHOULD I START AND HOW TO BE PROFASSIONAL WEB DEVELOPER ? (As i get work from customer...
  3. srkmish

    Sony to stop making PCs, sells off Vaio range to JIP

    Sony to stop making PCs, cut 5,000 jobs - The Times of India
  4. Desmond

    IBM says goodbye to x86 forever, sells server lines to Lenovo

    Source : IBM says goodbye to x86 forever, sells server lines to Lenovo | Ars Technica
  5. D@rekills4

    HotFile.com shuts down.

    Another one down. Hotfile Shuts Down and Takes User Files With It | TorrentFreak
  6. R

    Business simulation games

    I hardly find anyone talking or getting excited about business simulation games. Is there anyone like me who love the games like - Partician series (latest is partician 4) Tropica 4 Anno 2070 (more of city building) Rice of venice (latest game that i got my hands onto) Is there any...
  7. himanshubias

    BSNL wimax Business plan issue

    i am using a bsnl wimax business plan BUWI UL 3500( 1 mbps) i have a problem that if i connect more than one computer through wifi the download speed is dividing according to me is should not divide as the plan says it is multiuser...
  8. rosemolr

    Microsoft to acquire Nokia device business for $7.2 bln

    Finally the inevitable happened.The industry strongly had a feeling about this when Stephen Elop became the CEO of Nokia.So folks an Android Phone from Nokia will never happen now!!! Do you guys think that Microsoft will be able to bring up Nokia ? Source:Microsoft to buy Nokia's handset...
  9. himanshubias

    suggestion about a wifi router

    Need to buy a wifi router which will be shared by 10 people It will be having a 1mbps bsnl Wimax business connection buget is near around 1.5k plz suggest some good router
  10. H

    Would there be much of a market in India for JRPGs/Anime/Manga etc.?

    Due to the general lack of means to get them in India I'm considering starting a business dedicated to the import and sale Anime, Manga, JRPGs and other merch. I wonder if any of you would be interested in buying such products, or know anyone who would be interested in doing so. What titles...
  11. montsa007

    Course to Compliment MBA in International Business?

    Have almost finished MBA in International Business from distance learning. Can anyone suggest another 1-2 year course that can compliment this course? Not interested in the field of finance.
  12. E

    Need site!

    hey folks! Do you know any site for searching online local business? thanks
  13. A

    What is the use of Social Networking for business start ups?

    Is Social Networking Websites helpful for business marketing. I found several articles regarding this pls help me in finding a solution.
  14. I

    Greetings to all

    Hi I am Neesha Dubai associated with Infibeam. I am glad to be here to know and share business networking ideas, and hope to grow fast with all your support.
  15. S

    Best buy Business Mobile upto 10-11K

    Hey, Could you please suggest Best smart phone with business Apps / Email till 10 - 11 k I have Nokia E5 in mind, Please suggest if you have better option. Thanks!
  16. mati17

    CAD Software Suggestion

    Hello Forum, I am in Men's wear clothing business. I am fabric cutter, stitcher and pattern maker. I have much knowledge of computers. As nowadays, computer is replacing man in every field. In my business also there is much competition with computer designs. I want to learn CAD so that I can...
  17. vickybat

    Nvidia Reports 17 Percent in Profits in Latest Financial Report

    Guys check the following: Source
  18. ratzee199

    Business Intelligence Tool??

    Hi, Can anyone please post name of some Business intelligence tools?...I was searching and got Microsoft SQL Server but confused about it's functionality. Please help. Regards Jay
  19. Prime_Coder

    Don’t Call Yourself A Programmer, And Other Career Advice

    Read more : Source article
  20. Jaskanwar Singh

    Seagate now officially owns Samsung's hard drive business

    Seagate now officially owns Samsung's hard drive business | The Verge
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