1. V

    Console Gaming Cafe in Pune

    Hey guys, I was planning on launching a PS4 gaming cafe in Pune in the coming months. Would you guys be interested? Any games you would like to see? Where would you like the cafe to be located? (For now I was planning something near Kalyani Nagar but I'm open to suggestions) It's going to...
  2. K

    Need Business storage

    Hi, I need a business storage urgently and i need a minimum of 16Tb Kindly help me Asap.:sweating_NF:
  3. E

    Help me with my career!!!

    Hey guys I was supposed to clear class 12th this year but my plan didn't work out.Actually by some means it was planned that I would clear class 12th without apearing for it.If you want to know how and have some money and time to waste text me.Trust me I will always be helpfull:laughing_NF:I...
  4. P

    Access database repair software?

    Hello guys, I'm new here and 'm writing because i have a corrupted access database in MS Access 2007. The database is very important to me because it contains some clients data of my small business. The problem is i dont know how to repair it and i don't want to make some experiments with it. I...
  5. tamatarpakoda

    Perfect Vision for the rest of your life

    Dr. Garth Webb, an optometrist and CEO of Ocumetics Technology Corp, a company dedicated to eliminating glasses and contact lenses forever, might be really close to accomplishing his goals. His invention, an intra-ocular transplant could revolutionise eye-care. Source: Business Insider
  6. beingGamer

    Opening Cyber cafe [Suggestions/tips]

    Hey guys, I was having a thought of opening a cyber cafe in near/far(:p) future Location would be at my native place. Maybe around 8-10 machines for basic internet surfing & gaming. This is just a thought for now, so, for now I would just like to get info from anyone related to this business...
  7. E

    Franchise or own business

    Hey guys I want to open my own business with an investment range of 3-5 lakhs.As I am inclined towards technology i would prefer something related to mobiles and accessories or repairing of the gizmos.To be very honest I have been a entrepreneur for last 5 years but have zero experience in this...
  8. T

    do btech/law or start business

    Hi , i m from bihar .. passed cbse 12th board with 59% marks this year. took normal graduation admission in university.. Now willing to take admission in btech or law.. or should i start business here some type of wisp provider,having a computer shop too.with things like web designing etc.. Or...
  9. R

    Business Purpose VOice call to Australia

    For business purpose i am looking for available options for Voice calling to australia [mobile & Landphone] one option is skype voice calling ,Is there any cheaper alternate for bulk calling ?
  10. Ricky

    Server level internet connection choices ?

    Hi, I am wondering what options do we have if we need to host server in-house or our own premises. I know we can do with just any ISP with public static IP but I am looking for something reliable and business grade. I am looking to most cost-effective 10mbps to 100mbps connection. Do...
  11. A

    Please Help Me Buy 2 Business Laptops ( Non Gaming)

    Dear Laptop Experts, Seeking help to buy 2 business laptops- one for my wife and one for me. The said laptops would be used only for business use. I have gone through the questions in this forum asking for similar advice, but all , if not most, of them had to do with Gaming Laptops of...
  12. jatt

    Please suggest a best accounting software for computer repairing business

    Hi frnds, I just started my computer/laptop fix business and i am wondering for a accounting software which can fulfill my requirements like job sheet creation,inventory management,customers management,banking etc etc.. Much appreciate if any best software you can suggest please.Thanks
  13. sandynator

    Is it possible to make a fresh carrier start in Computer Hardware & Networking at the age of 30+

    Hello guys need your guidance in making a fresh career start in Computer Hardware & Networking at the age of 30 plus be it into taking up a job or doing business in this field. Firstly would like to ask is it really possible??? Let me just give you a briefing about me & sorry as it could be...
  14. Skyh3ck

    How to hide or cover Gap in your Resume !!! and get a job

    Hello guys I always wonder at what level a person can go to get a job. Many people leave job for any reason mainly being to start their own business, or family problem. now if the business works its ok, but when it does not say after spending around 1 to 2 year or more than that, and you go...
  15. soyab0007

    Is Cyber Cafe a Profitable Business today?

    Is Cyber cafe still a profitable business in current scenario? Where tablets, phablets, etc are more common for daily usage of surfing & downloading.. Me & my friend planning to start a cyber cafe with atleast 12-15 PCs but I doubt will it work in current scenario.. Need advice here..
  16. M

    Reduced Roaming Technology

    What can be the best way to avoid from expensive roaming charges while traveling to the different countries? Any Idea Please? I am traveling to several countries for business purpose but always face bitter experience of expensive bill while coming back to home country.....
  17. T

    Further Long distance Courses

    I have completed My Masters in Business Administration in Marketing and working since 1 year. Want to do some usefull courses which will be helpfull for my carrier I have experience as a Business Development Executive and now as a public relation Officer. Please let me know if there are...
  18. A

    Webste Promotion

    Hi guys., I want to know tips and tricks of promoting my website so that I could get lots of business very easily.
  19. D

    In Need of a perfect business Ultrabook! Considering X1 Carbon, T440s. Any X1 Carbon Alternatives?

    In need of a perfect business Ultrabook! Considering X1 Carbon, T440s. Any X1 Carbon Alternatives? Should I consider the Surface pro 3? Reliability, portability and performance are key. HP or Lenovo preferred. Windows Only! Thanks in advance!
  20. R

    Rajeev Suri Appointed as Nokia's New CEO

    In an announcement made earlier today, Nokia announced its next CEO. The erstwhile smartphone manufacturer has named its former networking head, Rajeev Suri as its new chief executive. “As Nokia opens this new chapter, the Nokia Board and I are confident that Rajeev is the right person to lead...
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