1. RON28

    [Praise] Gigabyte Motherboard Service Center in Pune

    PC refused to start one fine morning, after all the failed attempts from my side, i called up technician and he pointed out the problem at motherboard. I searched over internet for service centers of gigabyte in Pune but to my bad luck, i came to know, Pune has only one hub collector of gigabyte...
  2. S

    Headset with Mic & 2.0 Speakers

    I recently finished building my rig Now I am need of good headset with mic. Budget <5000 [do not want in the ear headphones] Also need some cheap 2.0 Speakers as small as possible cause of shortage of space on desk. I mostly use headsets, just need speakers for occasional usage...
  3. vijju6091

    Good article for PC building guide India

    While reading through I came across this article which blew me away Please read as it is totaly based on Indian gaming PC building and guided...
  4. A

    Mini Itx Motherboard

    Hi, Anybody using mini ITX motherboards in non air conditioned home in India? Any feedback will be appreciated as I am interested in building a Multimedia Pc using Mini ITX motherboard.
  5. layzee


    Been building this for the past two months and now its finally ready. Here are some shots: Specs here:
  6. A

    Budget CCTV Setup for Outdoors (should be DIY)

    Hi, I want to install cctv in the parking on my building. With the recent event happened with my bike where almost all its wiring had been cut by some miscreant I cant depend upon the hopeless security provided by the society. Lower it costs the better. Max I can spend right now is 5k...
  7. H

    BUilding a system from scratch. Grounding concerns.

    Hi, I will be building up my PC from scratch. I got my board, RAM, HDD, processor, etc and I will be starting with installing in the following order Processor > Cooler > RAM > Graphics Card > PSU > Optical drive > HDD I have been seeing some videos online and everyone of those...
  8. TheHumanBot

    Increasing Range Of Wi-Fi & Buying New Router/Device?

    Hello, I am using BSNL Internet on D-Link DSL-2730U Router which is configured to connect on laptop/mac & guest devices like phones ipads etc.. its a 3 floor building and router is placed on 2nd floor inside a room. so when i am on 3rd floor wi-fi signal are very very low or most of the time...
  9. T

    Recommendation for a good City Building game.

    I have played and finished games like Zeus Master of Olympus + Expansion, Caeser 1 to 4 etc. Don'd Like Sim City at all. Any other good City Building games around which is similiar to above games which I liked?
  10. 4

    building a cpu under 10k rs

    Hello I am building a cpu for gaming for counter strike global offensive i am currently using pentium 4 2.8 ghz and i want to build the new pc with the same cabinet an harddisk my budget is 10k rs and i live in delhi i am new in this forum so plz ignore any mistakes :X and thanx in...
  11. theserpent

    In 48 Hours, Entrepreneur Sets up 10-floor Building

    In 48 Hours, Entrepreneur Sets up 10-floor Building Meanwhile in china * There was another hotel in china that was made in 10 days, but no one has ever got a pic of what the hotel looks like inside?
  12. D

    I need help in building NAS system !

    Hey ppl any suggestions in building a NAS (Network-attached storage) for my house , primarily for DLNA, streaming , data dump and file sharing purposes. Any suggestions links and ideas are appreciated !! Thanks in advance !!:-D
  13. theserpent

    Sky City One: Chinese Company To Construct World's Tallest Building Over 90 Days???

    Well some months earlier they or someother company had made a 15 story bulding in a matter of few days.But no one has pics of the interior of the building According to me its impossible it wont be safe Building a 15 storey hotel in 6 days - YouTube Source:Sky City One: Chinese Company...
  14. T

    Building a 30k rig for my dad.

    Hello guys! Its great to be a part of this forum! So here is the deal, my dad has assigned me with building him a 30k rig. The primary purpose of this rig is to enable him to watch movies in high quality (fullHD will be nice), browse the internet comfortably (he needs only 5-10 tabs open) and...
  15. fun2sh

    Earthquake in bangalore???

    Hey Bangaloreans!! Did any any1 feel shaking? We felt our office building shake ( in whitefield area). i think earthquake came. Yes, earthquake came. *
  16. N

    Building a NAS storage

    I have some old hard disk drives which are lying idle since my old PC hardware crashed to the point of no recovery. I am considering building a NAS storage from these for my home. Any pointers on how to come up with one with minimal investment on new hardware?
  17. Tenida

    Fire in Kolkata's AMRI hospital: 55 killed in Kolkata hospital fire

  18. W

    Building a PC Gaming rig for <60 k - need help

    What is the purpose of the computer? (Note: If you are planning to say multimedia, you will have to be more specific as all types of systems are capable of doing that) A: Coding and Gaming 2. Are you open to alternate ideas/products giving similar better performance but offering more VFM/...
  19. dashang

    want to buy wireless router

    What i wanted is wireless router that can cover my building i.e wherever i m near building i should be able to access net . I asked 1 computer dealer , and he said due to walls its no use to use wireless router coz it will decrease signal strength ? What to do guys please tell me...
  20. dashang

    need to build wifi router what to do

    Hey guys i want to build wifi network at home . Actually i need a wifi range that can cover my building even i can access internet at terrace . Please tell me what kind of wifi router to take with range that can cover atleast two building like 25m or 50metres somewhat will do , i think...
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