[Praise] Gigabyte Motherboard Service Center in Pune


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PC refused to start one fine morning, after all the failed attempts from my side, i called up technician and he pointed out the problem at motherboard. I searched over internet for service centers of gigabyte in Pune but to my bad luck, i came to know, Pune has only one hub collector of gigabyte and rhe actual service center is in Mumbai, Lamington road.

I called up gigabyte customer care and spoke with a technician from Mumbai. His name is Mr. Shankar. He was very polite and a good listener, told me to call him again once i reach hub collector.

Reaching at the hub collector was quite an achievement for me as none of the people from that area knew where is the building located. Finally after giving up, i called up Mr. Shankar again and he put me on hold to talk with hub collector representative, he gave me the name of a landmark ( opposite JAIN MANDIR, RAVIWAR PETH). After that it was a breeze to reach the building. Again I met another polite guy named Nitin. He too was a good listener, As i was sweating thanks to Pune's awesome climate, he offered me water and carried on his work with the motherboard. Within 10 mins, everything was settled, he issued me a service center document, and assured me that he will call me as it will take time to courier it to mumbai get repaired. In just 4 days i got my repaired motherboard, and the box which i gave them had a label "Most Urgent".

Mr. Shankar and Nitin are the reason why i wrote this appreciation thread.

if anyone from pune wants address of this hub collector here it is

Generation Nxt Compmart Pvt. Ltd.
Flat No.1 First floor, Shetya Building ( No one knows this building, just ask anyone Jain Mandir Raviwar Peth, building is situated opposite to it)
CTS No. 260, Raviwar Peth, Maharashtra 411002

I have contact no of both the person, PM me if you need.
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