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Recommendation for a good City Building game.


Wise Old Owl
I have played and finished games like Zeus Master of Olympus + Expansion, Caeser 1 to 4 etc. Don'd Like Sim City at all.

Any other good City Building games around which is similiar to above games which I liked?


In the zone
one of the city building games i know about is cities XL platinum, it doesn't feature fictional cities like anno or civilization v but it features modern day cities just like simcity...
but the game is much better though simple than simcity as per the reviews on various sites....
Try Paroah series, Stronghold (not the RTS one, this is a D & D based city building game set in High Fantasy.. elves etc), and Immortal Cities: Children of the Nile
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Wise Old Owl
And that is your opinion. No game is BAD. Some people like it Some Don't. Personally I prefer Ancient Civilization based City Building games. SimCity = Total Boredom for me.
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