1. ithehappy

    Have Windows 10 nuisances been sorted out?

    I ditched 10, came back to Seven, wanted to give it full six months for their stupid bugs to fix, six months are over. So I just want to know whether with latest updates the bugs have been got rid of or not. By bugs I mean the following: - Start Menu's Search index would completely stop...
  2. chimera201

    Skylake Bugs Aren't Odd, They're Prime

    Skylake Bugs Aren't Odd, They're Prime
  3. S

    5.2 supported MB only gives 2.0 / 4.0

    5.1 channel supported MB only gives 2.0 / 4.0 ASRock > N68C-GS FX This is the MB. It says it ahve 5.1 support. I am using Windows 10 64 - Yest the OS with most bugs Driver is latest - updated from VIA. Windows default audio properties shows option only upto 4 channel!! Ok...
  4. R

    Xiaomi Mi 3 bugs

    I found this thread and was apprehensive to buy Mi3 as it has several bugs. en.miui.com/thread-26722-1-1.html Let me know as soon as you get your Xiaomi Mi 3 if there are any bugs.
  5. tamatarpakoda

    South Park: The Stick of Truth

    Is anybody else playing? The game seems to have a few bugs in the PC version :|
  6. Raaabo

    TDF Upgraded - Post bugs here please

    hi guys, we've upgraded TDF to VB 4.2. Need your help to post about anything we've missed here. Thanks! Obviously, the header, footer, ads, and everything related to styles is being worked on by ico. We've managed to fix attachments, albums, avatars, etc, but I'd appreciate it if everyone...
  7. G

    Ubuntu is slow ??

    I recently installed Ubuntu 12.04 alongside Windows XP , and unlike what i thought of it, Ubuntu is quite slow and has bugs. I didn't expect these normal bugs from this Open Source OS. Like after clicking on any icon in the Dock, it doesn't open and i click it two times then two copies of the...
  8. digitaltab

    Is L.A.Noire gameplay similar to MAFIA II?

    i have decided to buy L.A.Noire PC, as the ratings say it as almost perfect. but before buying it i would like to know if the gameplay is similar to mafia 2? and the other similarities with mafia 2. also, i have read on other sites and a one or two threads here that game contains bugs and...
  9. reddead

    need help

    [problem solved] need help i downloaded the firefox 4.0 beta 11.....and installed some addons like lastpass,idm etc......... and having some problems with scrolling,its not at all smooth what might be the reason.....bugs or a addon
  10. nims11

    Function Plotter

    I wrote this function plotter for my Csc school project. It takes mathematical function(any function of 'x' containing brackets, basic operators(+,-,/,*,^), trigo functions, log,floor,ceil) from the user in form of a string and then evaluates it and plots it in a graph. My program supports...
  11. Raaabo

    ThinkDigit Forum - bugs, suggestions etc.

    Hi With bug complaints being spread across many threads, it's hard to find them all. I request all members to post errors and bugs here, and if you see another member posting about bugs or errors anywhere else, please point them here. Also, instead of posting "I got a Database error!"...
  12. kalpik

    Warning! Ubuntu Intrepid Ibex bug that damages hardware!

    From the Ubuntu mailing list:
  13. Faun

    UniSmilies ver 2.08.07 released !!!

    K guys here is the new version of UniSmilies - yet another smiley extension for firefox. You may like to try it, its still not complete. Few big size smiley are yet to be uploaded. And may be some bugs too. Few features planned but not yet implemented. Almost all features on the to do list...
  14. Vishal Gupta

    SP1 Failed to Fix Several Windows Vista Bugs, Do We Need SP2?

    Guys As we all know Microsoft released first service pack for Windows Vista this March and tried to fix all broken things in Vista including bugs, performance issues, security issues, etc. When Windows Vista was under testing, I found several bugs (I posted a few of them in this forum as well)...
  15. victor_rambo

    Will some admin confirm if this copy of vBulletin is legal or pirated?

    Dear Administrators, For the past few days, and especially after upgrade to v 3.7.0, I have found that there are many bugs in the 'core' scripts of vBulletin. Please do not mistake them for bugs in the new theme. Considering that these are very silly and small, I really doubt if a forum...
  16. Dark Star

    openSUSE 11.0 Beta 2: Getting Better

    The openSUSE team is proud to announce the second Beta release of openSUSE 11.0! New changes include countless bug fixes, as well as the import of the new openSUSE 11.0 artwork for login, splash screens and more. The live installation should work, but there are several known quirks, so be sure...
  17. gary4gar

    Ubuntu: next release will be the critical one

    Read Further The thing that concerns me is around half of the total bugs on its bug tracker are not even touched once. Means it nobody bothered to look at them even once. I myself had reported some bugs at Launchpad( Ubuntu bug tracker). the response came for after 30-40 days. and in...
  18. RCuber

    Internet Security with Linux

    Ok guys here is my question. Why do I require a Firewall if Linux is so secure. I dont have to worry about virus thats ok. And what about Firefox? does the security bugs in Firefox affect my OS? Can any bugs in firefox or Linux itself create a backdoor? I want frank answer :D
  19. Cyrus_the_virus

    Hardy Alpha 1 released

    Welcome to Hardy Heron Alpha-1, which will in time become Ubuntu 8.04. Pre-releases of Hardy are *not* encouraged for anyone needing a stable system or anyone who is not comfortable running into occasional, even frequent breakage. They are, however, recommended for Ubuntu developers and those...
  20. CadCrazy

    Mozilla Won’t Fix 80% of Firefox 3.0’s Bugs

    Mozilla Corp. will fix just 20% of the bugs now in Firefox 3.0 before the final version is released next year, the open-source developer's Web site revealed Wednesday. As Mozilla pushes to post Beta 1 of Firefox 3.0, it has asked developers to prioritize already-identified bugs so that the most...
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