1. Arnab


    Hello, I am thinking of changing my Current internet connection from BSNL to any one of these. BSNL has simple become a crap and its hardly possible to carry on with it. Though, i saw they have launched there new Fibre Plan, but its too pricy to take . So I have these two options in my...

    Help selecting a BB plan

    Happy holi everyone, Frustrated by 3g experience hence going for Bsnl broadband (only thing avialable here) Please answer some doubts,(researched quite a bit) 1.what is the diffrence between BBG FN COMBO 500 and BBG FN COMBO 600 2.i wont be using the connection for calls even it is free it will...
  3. kARTechnology

    Migrated from BSNL to Fiber , Need new router or use existing?

    Hi, I was using BSNL Cr@p 4MBPS Plan upto 20GB and 512 kbps for Rs.1350/month after that, it worked for few months and speed dropped verrry low, that can even browse, can't complain as they don't even bother to pick the phone, or if i go to office, they will not be there(will go for lunch...
  4. rajesh00

    Internet issues with Tp-link TD-W8968

    Recently, i bought Tp link TD-W8968 wifi router(300mbps ADSL2+,bgn router) and connected with the bsnl ADSL line... Frequently i'm experiencing request time out while pinging to local router from desktop and to the bsnl gateway ip and even BSNL DNS ip..Same goes while browsing,shows 'server not...
  5. Arnab

    Bsnl FTTH service- anyone have any idea?

    Hello, I am hovering through new plans of bsnl when i just got a glance of the new Fibre Wire Plans launched by BSNL. Actually I am having tremendous PIng Problems while playing games like FIFA 13. So, it seems this service have got something new to offer , A STRONG NETWORK MAY BE...
  6. ithehappy

    What the **** is going on with BSNL BB?

    Came back from UK today, and what the **** is going on with BSNL BB? It's been pathetic for straight two weeks now, obvisuly I didn't use for those days when I was outisde, but my mom is saying it was same! I normally get 1.6-1.7 mbps, now it's 0.3 mbps, upload speed is alright. Been using BSNL...
  7. Cool Buddy

    Will BSNL Wi-fi Router work with Cable broadband

    I have BSNL wi-fi router (DNA A211-I). But I'm getting this connection disconnected and opting for cheaper cable broadband. I wanted to know if I plug the Cable in my router, will I be able to access Internet over Wi-Fi?
  8. gameranand

    Need a Modem for a BSNL Broadband connection finally I am able to get a BSNL Broadband connection. Previously BSNL used to give Modem at a rental charge but that has changed and now they are saying that they can provide Modem at 2100 INR which I know would be $hitty at best. So please Suggest me good modems, other features like...
  9. S

    Shall i choose BSNL wimax in chennai?

    Hello, I need an internet connection in Pallikaranai, Chennai. BSNL exchange is very near to my house. Shall i choose BSNL wimax or should i go for wired connection. Please suggest a good option. Thanks
  10. A

    Reliance broadband wifi setup

    I am planning to get reliance broadband(wireline). My friends have said that it is difficult to set up wifi with it and the modem settings have to be changed regulaly I currently have a bsnl adsl wifi modem and would like to use it. Is it possible to set up setup wifi with my bsnl...
  11. Shibaprasad

    BSNL Broadband usage

    I have bsnl broadband connection under West Bengal Telecom Circle (WBTC). I used to check broad usage in .I'm using unlimited plan so i didn't check usage for long time. Now when I logged in, I cant find my usage. Plz help
  12. banskt

    [For Sale] BSNL Type II ADSL Modem

    BSNL Type II ADSL Modem with Router (wi-fi) Hi, I am selling my BSNL modem, bought from the BSNL office. 1. Model number and details: BSNL Type II ADSL Modem (Teracom Model No. T2-B-Gawv1.4U10Y-BI) 2. Date of purchase: 21.09.2012 (Bill attached) 3. Reason for sale: Leaving hostel, giving...
  13. P

    Micromax 353 g data card issue

    My micomax 353g modem works with docomo and aircel perfectly . Whenever a BSNL sim is inserted it fails to detect the network and no device message is shown . Sometimes it detects the network for a second and failed to sustain . The F Drive appears and dissapears continuously . BSNL has full...
  14. S

    Need WIFI Router

    I need Wifi router to use my BSNL broadband to my devices - laptop and 2 Android phones I use username and pass everytime to connect to internet from the desktop...So need an best possible wifi router that gives good signal n speed for 2400sq ft home..I Don't know about the router prices so...
  15. N

    Using the Bsnl UTStarcom WA3002g4 wireless TYPE-IV ADSL broadband modem router outside India

    Hi, Is it possible to use the Bsnl UTStarcom WA3002g4 wireless TYPE-IV ADSL broadband modem/router outside India? I have one with 4 LAN Ports and 1 Wireless Antenna. Since I don't have the landline anymore, I don't need the Modem/router. If this Modem/router were taken to the USA, would it...
  16. C

    Best broadband in rural (or suburbs)?

    I'm in krishnagar, Nadia, West Bengal. What I the best broadband I can get here? Not BSNL, I'm fed up with them. Also, How is SITI cable?
  17. M

    Reliance Wireline Broadband Internet

    hiii friends!!! I got the reliance wireline broadband internet a couple of months ago. My plan is 1mbps unlimited for rs.549 + tax. There is no circuit breaker. Download Speed - around 135kbps. No buffering on streaming videos at you tube at 360p and 480p. At 720p it buffers at the beggining...
  18. M

    How to activate 3g on bsnl 2g sim?

    I bought bsnl 2G sim costing Rs 20 only. I recharged(FRC) it with Rs 180. I recharged it with 3G data plan Rs 50(200 MB data ). But I am not getting speed of 3G and it is giving only 2G speed. But my dad sim(2g sim) is giving 3G speed. CC is not responding well. I am using sim on huawei modem...
  19. S

    Which modem is supported in FC12?

    Dear All, I have BSNL Landline Broadband connection. it is so irregular and disturbing that I canot use in my FC 12 OS. Is there any wireless modem like BSNL EVDO/Wimax that support in LINUX/FC12? snborah
  20. dan4u

    getting more than 1 mbps in BSNL Rs 700 plan.

    I've been getting more than 1 mbps from Nov 1st from my bsnl connection, I crossed the 6 GB limit but still keep getting more/equal to 1 mbps. is this some sort of glitch, or has 512 kbps been changed to 1 mbps. hope its not a glitch, I've got my fingers crossed :Fingerx: is anybody else...
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