1. S

    Help needed to buy Wifi Modem for BSNL Broadband

    What type/model of a WiFi Modem is good for a 4 Mb/s BSNL broadband ? I want to connect the following devices at the same time. 1 PC 3 WiFi devices . WiFi signal strength does not matter , I want it only in my room . Consider 20X20ft. Is there any "number of WiFi devices" limitation on...
  2. Cyberghost

    Looking for a good broadband plan

    Hii I'm from kerala I'm currently on bsnl home combo 500 plan. I would like to switch to bsnl 950 plan which gives 4 Mbps upto 8 GB and 512 kbps after that. I want to know this new plan would be good compared to the old one. I usually download about 100 GB/month with the old plan. As I want to...
  3. kartikoli

    WIFI router for BSNL EVDO

    I have been using a wifi adapter with my BSNL EVDO to share wifi signals with the help of mhotspot software but in this scorching heat i have to keep my PC on to use wifi so now i want a router which is compatable with EVDO and have some sort of battery backup what i need - compatible router...
  4. Nanducob

    How to check whether Lan card is working or not?

    Hi:) Since a week,im not able to access internet.I thought my modem must be faulty and replaced it.But still the ethernet and data leds on modem are not lightning up.I called Bsnl guys and they told that my lan card is faulty and i need to replace it.Now after searching google i found out that...
  5. N

    Is it possible to port mobile number from BSNL (Up West) to Airtel Delhi&NCR circle?

    Is it possible to port mobile number from BSNL (Up West) to Airtel Delhi&NCR circle?
  6. avtar2008

    new internet connection for 3 months

    as my college semester is over and i will be at home for next 3 months, i am looking for a temporary internet connection for 3 months. After some googling and research, i am confused among following options: 1. Bsnl evdo @3.1 mbps, rs750 unlimited(no fup), initial cost will be rs1500. 2...
  7. dissel

    Strange Problem with my BSNL BB Line (8 Years OLD Connection)

    Hello Experts, I'm a Bsnl BB user past 8 years and my current plan is BB Home Combo ULD 800 as mentioned in the Bill. From past 8 years at my home this connection served me as problem free. But now from Feb End 2013 it constantly make me suffer. The problem is Low BB speed, Can't browse a page...
  8. M

    Incoming call blocking device for BSNL Landline

    I am aware of commercially available call blockers for landline telephones in the US and UK, but can someone point me to something similar for BSNL landlines? Haven't had any luck searching online! Anyone using something similar? Are there land line models available that have inbuilt call blocker?
  9. A

    Help needed for minimum 2Mbps Connection for minimum monthly data usage of >60GB in Nasik

    *Warning!! Long Post!!* I am thoroughly irritated with my ISP these days. I have been using the BSNL BBG Combo ULD900 plan for quite a while now in my SOHO. Considering our usage (of 4 laptops, 2 droid tablets, 5 smartphones and several hours of skype calls from all kinds of devices), the 8GB...
  10. S

    Is Bsnl really mad or are they fooling me?

    I got my BSNL sim cut and tried to make it micro sim myself so that i can insert it to my new xperia sp,but unfortunately I failed.And then i went to bsnl and they issued me a duplicate sim,charged for 100 rs. but when i asked that stupid uncle about whether the sim is 3g or 2g,he said now a...
  11. T

    BSNL Hello tune not deactivating..

    I am not able to deactivate BSNL hello tune..I ve sent so many messages but all failed.. PLZ. tell me what is the exact message to deactivate the hello tune from BSNL postpaid mobile..
  12. nginx

    3G coverage in Chennai?

    I am moving to Chennai within a couple of weeks because I got my job posting there. I want to purchase a dongle or 3G SIM with data card before leaving. Please recommend the telecom provider with the best 3G coverage in Chennai (near Velachery). BSNL, Airtel, Docomo, Aircel, Vodafone or some...
  13. The Conqueror

    Should I purchase a new router

    I recently shifted to a bigger house, and I do not get sufficient signal strength in other rooms, is it time to get a new router? My current one is ZTE ZXDSL 531B, which was given by BSNL and is more than 5 years old. Should I get a more powerful router? If yes, please suggest some
  14. C

    How to Set up WIFI connection - BSNL ADSL broadband

    Hello to all, I need help and assistance in setting up WIFI at my office. I have BSNL ADSL connection broadband . The modem which i currently use is ADSL2+ router I ball Baton. (mode no: iB-LR6111A) . It is not a WIFI router . So, I have found a good WIFI router (not brought yet)...
  15. B

    NEED a Router for BSNL EVDO(ZTE AC8700) Data Card.

    Hello TeamDigit... I am looking for a Good router for my BSNL EVDO (ZTE AC8700) Any suggestion would be very very help here... Thanks in Advance..
  16. T

    Problem Regarding bsnl Broadband..

    Friends... i am using bsnl broadband for about 2 years... was getting abt 100-150 ping on singapore servers (even 350 sometimes...) ...about 250 on eu... till that so called cyber attack... now its jumping to about 600 on singapore servers and 400 on eu servers... i Resetted my modem to factory...
  17. W

    MTS MBlaze vs BSNL broadband

    I'm already using an MTS 3.1 Mbps dongle, but very unhappy about the current speed and connectivity issues in Bangalore. I hardly get 1Mbps bandwidth (< 100KBps download speed) during day time. My usage is online multiplayer gaming and movie downloads. I'm planning to apply for a BSNL broadband...
  18. Arnab

    AIRTEL BROADBAND - Review anyone?

    Hello, I am getting Airtel BB in my area . Just want to switch from BSNL To any Local Cable BB or AIrtel. I found that that SITICABLE BB and Airtel BB are both available in my city. I heard of Airtel a bit that they are good at PINGS- Anyone have Any Idea ? OR Should i Go with SIITI CABLE...
  19. D

    best 2g data and cell phone connection in MUMBAI

    which one is the best gprs data/gsm provider in mumbai i was using bsnl 2g 256 kbps (10 gb=245 rs) in my native place i used a 3G modem with bsnl and in network setting WCDMA only is there any other service provider with the same speed and data plan
  20. flyingcow

    Choosing a hathway plan, your views on it.

    I am tired of my BSNL 900rs plan, promised to give 4mbps "superspeed" , but only gives 1.7 mbps. After 8 gb gives 256kbps. I told them to put me on a 4mbps capable port, but they wouldnt. So I have decided to choose hathway plan - Zip 5 max, 5mbps upto 25 gb and post 256 kbps, price- 1200. I...
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