getting more than 1 mbps in BSNL Rs 700 plan.


Took Off!!!
I've been getting more than 1 mbps from Nov 1st from my bsnl connection, I crossed the 6 GB limit but still keep getting more/equal to 1 mbps. is this some sort of glitch, or has 512 kbps been changed to 1 mbps. hope its not a glitch, I've got my fingers crossed :Fingerx:

is anybody else getting this?

EDIT: its Rs 750 plan not 700

amruth kiran

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mine's the BB COMBO 850 plan.. i think its 6mbps.. speed test showing 5.2mbps DL..and fup's like 16 gb last month .
waitng to see what changes they make this month..!!
all hail bsnl....!!!
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