1. Shah

    [Want to Buy] B75 or H61 based Motherboard [LGA 1155 socket]

    I am looking to buy an used B75 or H61 based motherboard for Intel Pentium G620 (2nd Gen, Sandy Bridge). Most preferably B75 based motherboards. If anyone has one, PM me.
  2. B

    Default Want to Buy a Point and Shoot Camera (Fixed Lens-SLR Type(Bridge)) Upto 20K-Please Suggest

    What's your budget? ---- 15-20 k Camera type? DSLR or Point and Shoot ---- Point and Shoot (Bridge Type / even compact is good if it comes with same features as Bridge Type) Body Style? Compact or Bridge (bulky) --- should be comfortable to handle How much zoom do you want/expect...
  3. A

    slow bsnl bbnd plan 900 home unlimited

    fed up with this used to work fast till some card got burnt in the exchange,spoke to the regional manager at almora who controls my area also ie pithoragarh - a team came and fingered my connection,lines etc and finally the speed has slowed down-moreover the wi fi doesnt worknow-it...
  4. psiknight99

    Repeater/Bridge conundrum :S

    I recently bought a Netgear WGR614 router from Flipkart. I had plans to use my existing Beetel 450 bx1 as a repeater to extend my wifi till my drawing room which is far away from my bedroom. However that feature was missing in Beetel so I couldn't. I installed Netgear router in my bedroom along...
  5. $ingh

    Edimax Unveils 300Mbps Universal Wi-Fi Bridge Home Entertainment Solution

    EDIMAX Technology, a leading provider of advanced network communication products, has launched the CV-7428nS Universal Wi-Fi Bridge for Smart TV. Blu-ray and gaming is the latest addition to Edimax's Wi-Fi networking product range, offering Wi-Fi connectivity for any wired Ethernet device at 11n...
  6. GhorMaanas

    Bridge camera under INR 10K

    Hello everyone! i need to move up from digicam & really like the feel of a bridge camera (having used lumix DMZ FZ-28 earlier). am getting a used Nikon Coolpix P90 for ~9k in a deal. just want to know if its a good deal for it, & whether there's any worthy contender to it in this budget. i...
  7. Tejas.Gupta

    Need help :)

    Hello folks ! Need help in buying a camera Bridge Camera under 15K. I love photography but Budget is too tight for DSLR so going for Bridge cam. Selected Sony H100 and Nikon Coolpix L810 (Outputs if Coolpix L810 ) Manual settings also preferred . Hope i'm clear what i need :P Suggestions...
  8. M

    Best Bridge camera below 12k?

    Hi friends I would like to buy a new bridge camera under 12k I would like to use it for my family and also like to learn photography so my options are Fujifilim S2980 which is available locally 9300/- Sony DSC H100 for 11700/- Canon Powershot 150 IS for 9700/- which should i...
  9. C

    Does msi h61m-p20(g3) need a bios update to run ivy bridge?

    Title says all.
  10. M

    quite a few queries GTX 680 vs GTX 580 SLi

    Hi everyone, I have a few queries. I purchased my rig in March 2011 and have the flg config, CPU: i7 2600k Motherboard: Asus Maximus IV Extreme GPU: Asus Gtx 580 DirectCu II RAM: Corsair Vengeance 8GB(2X4gb) PSU: Corsair HX850 HDD: WD caviar black 1TB(X1), Seagate 1TB(X1) CPU Cooler: Cooler...
  11. D

    which mobo for which proccy.

    Guys please note the points below 1.I do not intend to overclock much. 2.Budget not above 22k (mobo+ram+cpu) 2.I have decided i5 2400 or 3450 + ASUS P8H61-M LX Motherboard +G.Skill RipjawsX DDR3 4 GB I want to know these 1.Are sandy bridge and ivy bridge both same in performance...
  12. A

    Need suggestions for buying a bridge camera within 20K-25K range

    Hi, I am planning to buy a bridge camera within the range of 20K-25K. This will be my first bridge camera. Basically first camera other than normal point & shoot camera. I do not want DSLR with different lenses. So a bridge camera will solve my purpose. Here are my requirements: 1. Camera...
  13. Pranav Prakash

    Laptop for about 70k

    Hey guys! I want to buy a performance laptop preferably dell for about 70k. I will use it to play latest games at a good resolution and quality, for programmings and definitely for HD movies. It should have Nvidia graphics card Intel processor- i7 ivy Bridge at least 750 GB with screen size...
  14. 101gamzer

    Intel shows Haswell at IDF 2012

  15. avinandan012

    Intel Adds 10 New Ivy Bridge, 10 New Sandy Bridge CPUs

    Intel has updated its processor portfolio in September and has added 10 new Ivy Bridge and 10 new Sandy Bridge desktop and mobile processors. Only three processors saw price reductions, indicating the current dominance of Intel in the CPU market. Read here
  16. Y

    Need help buying new laptop

    budget:max rs 40,000 screen:15''-16'' No Brand Preferences uses:internet surfing,watching movies,casual gaming and abode photoshop minimum requirements:4gb ram,500gb hdd,intel ivy bridge processor will be using this laptop for 4-5 years Any suggestions...........
  17. v.Na5h

    Telnet help to change pppoe mode to bridge

    Guys i need to change pppoe to bridge using telnet i need this to do ip change as reboot(pppoe) takes a lot of time and the dialer(bridge) is much better heres the deal now how do i change the protocol how to access that option what does "--" in '--protocol' mean how does this...
  18. tkin

    Suggest Camera Within 22k!!

    Hi guys, I bought a Sony HX7V few months back but my dad took it for himself, now I have to buy another one for myself. My priorities are: 1. Point and shoots preferred, should be compact, although if substantially better might go for Bridge, no DSLR. 2. Good zoom, 16x or more. 3. At...
  19. cyanide0007


    :-?:-? After online research for about 2 month finally i've decided to buy this So i need advice from you people, Local dealer in mangalore offered me this at 42k with some 1k accessories. Shall i proceed or wait till ASUS launches IVY BRIDGE models?? and is there any downside in my decision...
  20. P

    Intel Launches Core I3 Ivy Bridge Mobile

    Intel has finally launched Core I3 Processors for Notebooks which were earlier speculated to come in Q3 this year. Time for some affordable Ivy Bridge based Laptops soon :P **
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