1. GhorMaanas

    PC boots for 2-3 seconds then shuts down

    Hello. this i discovered the day before y'day. my newly assembled HTPC, i booted it, but before reaching the BIOS screen, it shut down. powered up again, same thing. repeated a few times. a night before that the power of my home had tripped twice. i believe it has something to do with it (dont...
  2. rohitshubham

    Help Required for triple boot

    Hey, I want to install redhat 6 to my computer system which has windows 7 and fedora 18 already installed... I was wondering whether GRUB2 on fedora 18 will support redhat6 which primarily boots with grub1. What kind of options will i have to use while installing redhat
  3. N

    Should I RMA my Mobo?

    Okay, So for a month I was using my 4x2GB ram sticks in single channel mode. Today, I opened up my case for cleaning and switched the RAMs to Dual Channel mode. DDR3_1 & DDR3_2(Both Gray in color) The PC boots up for 10 seconds, Shut downs, again boots up and is stuck in a reboot...
  4. marvelousprashant

    Urgent Help, Messed up dual boot

    Hi guys So my friend asked me to fix his very old HCL laptop. On boot it had a dual boot menu which had some Linux and Windows XP as boot options. I booted into XP, opened disk manager and deleted all partitions except C. Now the PC boots up and says "gnu grub version 0.95.... etc" and I...
  5. H

    Boots for 5sec...then nothing

    Am havng trouble with my pc in the morning was copying files to usb all of a sudden half of the monitor from the middle to down started showing grains...with red blue turnd down the ups...booted again boots for 5sec then turns off...i boĿt倎
  6. omega44-xt

    Error message while booting

    Whenever my PC boots, the following error message displays up, then my PC turns off for about 5 sec, then restarts & boots to homescreen without any error message. But if I shut down the PC completely & then turn it ON, again the above mentioned things happens. Screenshot of Error message ...
  7. R

    boot up issue

    Hi, I bought the biostar z68 + i5 2500K I used my same old HDD and when i booted on, the pc boots upto the initial screen with tab and del as options but it stops there until i press a F1 and del and tab never works. When i pressed F1 for the first time, it showed a CMOS error and i loaded...
  8. T


    hey guys i rly need your help, i was trying to install ubuntu which i received from the digit cd (digit os customized) but when installed it from cd i presented a problem and the i tried to boot from the usb but when it boots from it the it just remains there and displays something about...
  9. curioustechy

    Trouble booting windows

    My system was working fine with 3 OS - Ubuntu 11.10, win 7, win XP, till recently. My friend worked on it last time after which I'm not able to work on win 7 & win XP. When win 7 boots up it comes up with a msg that explorer has stopped working. When win XP boots up, just the desktop appear...
  10. quan chi

    Windows 7 crashing problem.

    I have dual boot xp and windows7 but recently windows 7 has started giving some problems. Now it crashes frequently during the first boot.After the restart it boots well.(XP shows no such problems) I have no idea whats the problem.can anyone please help.
  11. H

    Fall's Top Military Styles

    We're not always big on sweeping fashion trends, but, we have to admit, the latest wave of fall military-inspired styles is pretty persuasive—if not downright unavoidable! The earthy palette of olive greens and burnished neutrals, along with lots of smart utility features and clean cuts is a...
  12. vickybat

    system boots but no display

    Hi everyone Longtime no see My brother has a amd based system and here goes the specs; Amd athlon 4400+ asus m2a-vm mobo Kingston 2x2gb ddr2 250gb hdd seagate sapphire radeon 4650 512mb ddr2 viewsonic va2226w monitor Creative soundblaster xfi altec lansing vs 3251 5.1 The problem is when the...
  13. Cool G5

    Help me install an OS

    My home computer has the following config, >P4 2.0GHZ >512 MB DDR RAM >Zebronics 7300GT 512MB AGP 8x Graphic Card >MSI PM8M-V Motherboard >Dell S2409W LCD Monitor (1980*1080 @ 60HZ) I want to install Windows XP on this machine but the problem is the CD drive doesn't boots the media. The drive...
  14. A

    windows 7 wipes grub everytime it boots

    windows 7 is acting as a complete screw up jealous OS and is wiping off grub every time it boots from my openSUSE + win7 dual boot on Dell Studio 14. can somebody please suggest me how to go about teaching it to coexist??
  15. A

    my reluctant DVD RW drive :(

    the DVD RW drive of my laptop has been very irritating. I have got it replaced 4 times since I got it one year ago ... and again now, barely a month after the last replacement its denying to boot from a CD. I wrote ISO of archlinux on a disk at 4x and tried in vain to boot my laptop with it...
  16. A

    my reluctant DVD RW drive :(

    the DVD RW drive of my laptop has been very irritating. I have got it replaced 4 times since I got it one year ago ... and again now, barely a month of last replacement its denying to boot from a CD. I wrote iso of archlinux on a disk at 4x and tried in vain to boot my laptop with it. however...
  17. M

    Help System taking long tume to Boot

    Hello friends, My System takes long time to Boot it shows the POST Screen for about 5 Minutes at that moment system gets Hanged and Nothing Works even the F@ key to go to the BIOS. after 5 minutes it goes to BIOS( If Pressed F2) otherwise Boots XP. I wanted to Format the system but then it is...
  18. A

    No VGA detcted!Please help!

    Guys, Most weird problem!After updating my Graphics crad with the latest drivers,my machine gives One Long,Three Short Beeps while booting,which according to my Mobo manual indicates No VGA Detected,and then freezes completely. Now,the strange part is that when I press the Power Button for some...
  19. hayabusa_ryu

    Problem with my Graphics Card

    Hi friends, I have come with a new problem again. This time with GPU, I have 8400GS. When I select 8400GS as my primary display then system boots but with teared image n also my OS dont boot, it hangs in middle of loading screen forever. But when I select onboard graphics as primary...
  20. anshul

    Vista woes

    My friend had a very weird problem on his compaq laptop........ He had done something wrong.....(probably he messed up with the system files).... He was trying to format his PC and install XP........but now......everytime a bootable media goes into the boots initially and then...
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