Urgent: Recommend Stable Mobile Internet in Bangalore

I need a good dataplan for mobile internet. Main priority is decent surfing speed and stability of connection.

Should be cheap.
Datacard should be reusable or unlocked (so thinking of buying card separately) but not compulsory
Budget has no cap because I have no idea how much I need to spend, but I wanna skimp and spend as little as I possibly can.

2G will do if its fast enough, else cheap 3G or even CDMA 1x if it gives max speed else EVDO is last choice.

Need this to be able to finish 2 projects and a bunch of exams in the coming 2 months so looking to buy this in a week or two. I'm in Bangalore if it helps. Stability of connection trumps every other requirement. It should connect quickly and start working and loading pages swiftly.
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