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Go to "Start" > "Run" and type "gpedit.msc." Navigate to "Administrative templates" > "Network" > "QoS packet scheduler" > "Limit reservable bandwidth" > "Enabled." Replace "20%" with "0%." Once you click "OK" and restart your computer, you will feel an immediate boost in the broadband speed

Juz came across this .. Wanted to know what this is about ..
What are the effects of this ...
Will this really help to free some more bytes ??
Will this have effects on utorrent ??


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20% bandwidth is reserved for system eg. Windows update etc. This is the procedure to disable the reservation.

I tried it but it didn't show any remarkable improvement.


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@TheMost: the oldest tweak to gain speed...
in windows by default 20% of total bandwidth is preserved for windows to download
essential updates such as security & hotfixes.
but its not mandatory to keep it 20% all the time thats y deallocating it to 0%.


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^tnx ... Will try....
Will let know after i restart

Now i am half-way ripping - will take 3 more hrs ..


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You guys better read these ;-)

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