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Hi all,
I want to monitor the bandwidth used in the network in my office. I have an unlimited internet connection with FUP of 5 GB. The modem is connected through USB of one computer which shares the internet connection with the other systems (sharing is not through a wireless modem, etc).

Usually, the FUP limit would last about half the month, and I would have reduced speed for the remaining half of the month. That was very hard to tolerate, but this time, it has crossed the FUP limit in 2 or 3 days time (one day, I saw my network connection summary and it showed that 3GB was downloaded in 15 hours of open connection, so I know that it is not the ISP which is cheating me but there is such usage in my network). I want to find out which system and software are all using up the bandwidth. Hence I need a software (preferably freeware) that can monitor and inform bandwidth usage. Main requirements are:
1. Since traffic is through one system, it will be installed on that system and should monitor network requests to and from the LAN/internet
2. I need to know both the software name and the system from which data transfer is called from and how much data is transferred.
3. It would be useful if I can get custom report like usage from 16th of the month (start of billing cycle).

I have tried a few tools like BitMeter, etc which dont seem to include the system in LAN from which data transfer is called.

Please help in identifying suitable tool for the above.

Thanks in advance


Tried Networx... Doesnt seem to either report application-wise usage nor network source location based usage... Any other suggestions?

Thanks in advance


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another one:
Free Network Traffic Monitor Software - Colasoft

however there is no free software which can also give you applications name from pc systems in lan for traffic usage.the reason being that most applications like web browsers,torrent,download managers use http protocol & without a packet analyzer driver installed on each system you simply can not know the difference between http traffic generated by internet explorer,chrome,internet download manager & advice is simply install this software & just keep an eye on which system in your lan uses most http traffic & then warn the person using that system.
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