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QoS Configuration - Help needed!


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Hey guys,

So like I'm trying to configure QoS on my Airtel Beetel 420 BXI and not much is given about the settings for this one on the net. Also, tried calling airtel, no use lol.

Basically I want to limit the bandwidth per local IP. I heard we can do it with the help of QoS. So if I got 2 PCs, I can take 70% of bandwidth on my PC1 and rest on PC2. This is precisely what I want to do.

This is what my QoS Page looks like -


This is what Queue Config looks like

Queue Config.png

And this is what QoS classification page looks like.

QoS classification 1.png

I don't know how to configure this. Think anyone can help me out?!


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Thanks for the clarification. Yeah I do want to limit youtube in general cause it's a bandwidth hogger. I went through your link but it's like really complicated with my beetel router. Basically I want to prioritize the speed on my laptop and then on a desktop pc.


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you won't be able to limit youtube bandwidth using usually found QoS feature.very few adsl modem/router support bandwidth control & certainly none provided by telecom companies like airtel/bsnl/mtnl.i suggest getting a tp-link wifi router with bandwidth control feature like the one i mentioned before.
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