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Restrict Bandwidth per MAC or a Brand New ADSL+ ROUTER



this is my current setup-
a BSNL Dataone adsl modem(ut-300r2u)+ D link dir 600(wireless 150)

devices connected -1 laptop,1 tablet,3 phones,and a pc (planning to buy samsung led 6030 too.:cool:)

My current problem
1) Range is too short -modem is in the master bedroom hence no range in living room or upstairs,:cry:

2)friends and relatives hogging my bandwidth on the first of every month :shock:

-i use a unlimited bsnl plan (750),hence the speed is not that great.i need to restrict bandwidth per machine.
i tried mac filter on my d-link but it back fired , bottom line i don't want to take away internet privilages. i just want to restrict the usage.
i need 80% bandwidth for my home machines and 20% for the rest

3)a good parental control.-the dir 600 has a parental control option but not up to the mark
you have to individually specify website address or keyword,and you can only specify 20.

4)Need usb port-connecting my printer or my hdd.

5)i need an adsl+router in one,to reduce electricity usage.:mrgreen:

my current budget is 3k :razz:,and i need a good one too.and i read that asus modems provide inbuilt download manager :-?.any one using those.


is it possible to restrict bandwidth in dlink dir 600?
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check your modem/router bandwidth quality/management options.if such options are not there then you are out of luck.tp-link routers have a bandwidth control options.D-Link DIR-600L has this feature as Traffic Control.check the release note of the latest firmware for your model to see if they have added this feature.
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