1. D

    Superuser not working in lollipop s4

    It says su binary needs to be updated although nothing is updated. The root is verified. Even titanium backup is not working properly.
  2. bajaj151

    How to Recover whatsapp chat from SAVED database

    I took a backup of whatsapp/database folder. How to restore messages using backup? My saved database files are like: msgstore.db.crypt8 msgstore-2015-01-03.1.db.crypt8 msgstore-2015-01-04.1.db.crypt8 msgstore-2015-01-05.1.db.crypt8 1) Keep t in internal storage under whatsapp /databases...
  3. ariftwister

    Need a 4" Smartphone with for Skype Video calls with good battery backup

    Hi Guys, My Mom needs a 4" Android Smartphone for Skype Video Calls. 1. Budget? Upto Rs 10k. 2. Display type and size? 4" to 4.5" (Strictly no 5") 3. Dual sim? Not necessary. 4. Preferred choice of brand? Any. 5. What camera option you want (flash, front facing camera)? Good...
  4. sling-shot

    Titanium Backup kills my wallpaper each time

    I have run Titanium Backup around 3 times for a full All User Apps + Data including system data configuration and it asks to stop running services. At the end my wallpaper has gone black and most of the notifying applications are not running. They do not run on a reboot too until I manually...
  5. quicky008

    Apc ups failing to give adequate backup even after replacing battery-plz help.

    I have a 650VA apc ups(be650y-in) which is around 6 yrs old.However it's battery seems to have become rather weak of late as it has started giving a backup time of only 40-60 secs during power cuts nowadays(earlier it varied from 5-10 mins).So I decided to get the older battery replaced because...
  6. R

    PC UPS connected to Home UPS

    Hi all, I would like to know whether buying a computer ups and connecting to my AC source which is again backed up by a home offline UPS will make it work or not. I need the pc ups to just withstand power load until my home ups is switched on which takes like half or 1 second and this...
  7. Cyberghost

    How to backup and restore Origin Games??

    Hii I recently bought simcity from origin. I want to know how to backup this origin game.... Please help....
  8. aaruni

    Thunderbird Backup

    I will be upgrading my HDD and do not want to download all of my backed up email (3GB). Is there a way to back this all up except by taking a backup of ~/.thunderbird/*.default/Mail ? Like something which will produce a big dump, which can then be imported by thunderbird on the new install using...
  9. D

    Incremental Backup software

    Can some one please suggest a good and user friendly software for managing backups, doing it manually is problematic and error prone. I want to select some folders for backup and run the program daily or weekly and it should only take backup of files which are changed and not the complete backup.
  10. ZTR

    Should I be worried?

    So I recently did a SMART test of my primary HDD and this was the table: Should I be concerned and backup my data or its fine?
  11. P

    Best 1 TB Portable Hard Disk Drive

    Hi guys, Just want your suggestions/review. I am going to buy a 1TB portable HDD. The thing that matter for me is the performance and USB3.0; I have sorted out the following drives and want to know the best one among them. The best drive acc/to me is at the top and so on... Transcend...
  12. harshilsharma63

    Seagate launches 4 TB portable USB powered HDD

    Source: Seagate Brings Out Backup Plus FAST External Drive Official product page: Backup Plus Fast HDD Portable Drive: External USB 3.0 Hard Drive 4TB | Seagate Features: > Two 2.5" drives in RAID 0 (stripping). > USB 3 > Does not require external power. Completely powered by USB. Cost...
  13. bajaj151

    Difference between: Seagate Expansion & Backup Plus ???

    Is there any difference between Seagate Expansion & Backup plus other than backup software is included only in backup plus hard disk? I am asking this because there is 0.5K difference between the two..
  14. C

    Partitioning 2 TB HDD

    What is the recommended way of partitioning a 2 TB HDD ? Should i make it 2 * 1 TB partition or just one 2 TB partition ? Is there any advantages/disadvantages of doing so ? Like large disk take more time to disk check or chance of FAT/MBR corruption etc ? I am going for 2 * 2 TB HDD (i...
  15. Cyberghost

    How to backup the downloaded games from PSN on PS4 to DVD?

    Hii I'm planning to buy a Playstation 4. I heard that Games are on PSN store are much cheaper than physical discs.My question is that how can I backup a downloaded game from PS4 hard drive to a DVD and how to restore it(like steam). Is it possible. I have a slow crappy BSNL broadband:cry: . So...
  16. bssunilreddy

    HP 800VA UPS Problem?

    Hai, I have a HP 800VA UPS which I have recently changed its battery with a new one with 2 years warranty. While using Windows 7 SP1 x64 it does not give any backup even when browsing internet but when I am using Windows 8/8.1 Pro x64 even while in the middle of a FPS game like BF4 my UPS is...
  17. A

    Battery for x10

    Hello guys i need to buy a new battery for xperia x10. Have anybody bought the same ? How much it costs ? Does extended battery is available for x10. what is the battery backup time i can expect form it. Currently my battery lasts only 2 hrs.
  18. sam9953

    Seagate Backup Plus 1 TB (Sealed, RMA'd)

    For Sale ! Product Name, Manufacturers code & URL: Seagate Backup Plus 1 TB , Black Color : Backup Plus: Sleek & Stylish Portable & External Storage Hard Drives | Seagate Expected Price: Rs sold Source and Time of Purchase: Got it as RMA when Seagate Free agent go was replaced, on 7th...
  19. C

    Need Game Backup - BF4

    Many of us got Battlefield 4 on recent sales. With 24 GB download size, it can take me up to 7 days to download. If anyone can take backup, write on DVD and mail, i am ready to pay (i can buy you steam games, amazon games or bank transfer). If needed, i can sent pen drive. Game Backup needed...
  20. d3p

    Need Freewares to Clone & Copy HDD [Expert Opinion Counts]

    Sup Geeks ?? Lately, i would like to know the different ways to Clone & Backing Up OS or HDD data using freewares. I was using Norton Ghost earlier & now the license is expired, so looking for free alternates. My Requirements, 1). Should able to take OS image & HDD Backup. Currently using...
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