1. omega44-xt

    WD My Passport Ultra (2015)

    This year during April-May, a new model of My Passport Ultra popped up in online sites like Amazon & Snapdeal (still unavaiable in Flipkart) for a price bit lower than older one. It has new looks, but internally, it seems to be the same. I bought it from Amazon for ₹ 3899 in Lightning Deal...
  2. H

    Good backup phone for Rs.10000 for online games

    I want to buy a phone to play clash of clans. I want 2GB RAM and 5.5inch screen with good battery backup. I will be playing on 3G network. My present phone ASUS Zenfone 5 giving 1 hr or 1 nd half hr of backup playing continuously on 3G network. Thank you for your help.
  3. Empirial

    Need Help in Buying UPS

    Hi, I'm looking forward to buy a UPS for my LED TV (85W) & DVR (48W). It should be able to give back up for atleast an hour during power cuts. I'm interested in Zebronics ZEB-U1200 which is available for around 3.5k online. The problem is that in the specsheet of U1200, Backup time (One PC...
  4. Skyh3ck

    Android General Question - ROM, CWM, TWRP, Boot Loader and more ?????

    Hello Guys I am new to android rooting and custom rom, i have many question, hope you guys will be able to help me here. 1) What is BootLoader ? 2) Does all phone have bootloader ? 3) What is CWM and TWRP are they both same ? 4) what is the use ? 5) Can we install it permanently on phone...
  5. RageshAntony

    Suggest a good UPS ?

    Suggest a good UPS upto 3k.. In my area there is lot of voltage fluctuations and many times the voltage reading in my home meter is below 120 V . When voltage fluctuates , my System turned off and starts again (that is UPS supply stops for some seconds when power fluctuates ) . So I want a ups...
  6. A

    Portable power supply 12V

    I have an external hard disk which requires external power. Due to electricity problem I dont want it to be switched on off frequently. Is there any kind UPS/power backup which will be able to provide the required power also it should be portable like more or less the size of an external hard...
  7. C

    Need Some Advice Regarding Laptop

    I am looking forward to buy a laptop will b used mostly for official work and browsing i have choose this Lenovo Flex 2-14D Notebook (APU Quad Core A8/ 4GB/ 500GB/ Win8.1/ Touch) (59-436783) Rs.32841 Price in India - Buy Lenovo Flex 2-14D Notebook (APU Quad Core A8/ 4GB/ 500GB/ Win8.1/ Touch)...
  8. ajayritik

    Need to take backup of contacts from Samsung GT-52222

    Hi Guys, My friend is planning to get a new android phone. Currently he has Samsung GT-52222 and he has around 250 contacts on his phone and he would like to take backup of the contacts preferably onto his SD Card so that he can have those contacts restored onto his new phone. Can anyone...
  9. abhigeek

    How to update from windows 8 to 8.1.

    I have restored my laptop using Lenovo OneKey Backup. In backup windows was 8. So I downgraded my windows from 8.1 to 8. Now I can't update to 8.1. I can't download 8.1, its saying that you'll automatically be prompted to install Windows 8.1 soon. I can't update my drivers because latest ones...
  10. K

    Backup or not

    Hi Guys, When we insert the pen drive into the laptop, there comes a dialog box on the desktop showing more options to choose. Out of options, the one is “USE THIS DEVICE FOR BACKUP” (using Windows Backup). How to check up whether I have enabled this option or not for the backup of...
  11. V

    Seasonic S12II 520W, NO backup on APC UPS

    Hi everyone For past few days I face an issue with my APC 1100 VA UPS backup i.e when the mains AC power goes off the UPS doesn't give any backup and directly goes OFF giving a long beep. Earlier I thought its a UPS issue so to cross check, I got a friends Numeric 1KVA UPS but here also I...
  12. A

    GTA 5 Backup "West Delhi"

    I am looking for any one who lives in west delhi or nearby and is willing to share his GTA5 steam backup with me i will be very thankful as my net speed is only 60 kbps :-( Thanks in advance also u could add me on steam if u want my steam is acepro71
  13. Vyom

    How Ubuntu screwed me over and why I still love it

    Following is first hand account on loosing all my Data on a 1 TB disk due to a Ubuntu bug and it's recovery --------- As humans, memories have a special place in our heart. Nothing can prepare us if something goes wrong and god forbid you lose them. It’s hard but imagine losing months of snaps...
  14. adityak469

    Anyone has a Nokia C2-01?

    My mom's Nokia C2-01's display broke and all the contacts were in it. Its on mass storage rather than Ovi Suite mode so I cant backup the contents. Can anyone help me to change the mode to Ovi Suite by guiding me through the clicks ?
  15. amjath

    Steam game downloading on backup machine.

    Hi Guys, I have a query. If i install steam and download a game in my backup machine and copy the files back to my gaming rig, will the copied files accepted/validated?
  16. D

    New external HDD

    I want to buy a 1 TB external HDD but am not sure about which brand should I go for. I have never used any external HDD personally for a long time so I am not sure about the warranty/price/speed etc provided by different companies. I need it just as a backup device, no need for high end...
  17. ashs1

    Data transfer

    Guys..One of my friends wants to backup some data from his laptop..The problem is he doesn't has a external HDD...He has another laptop in which he can take backup...The size of data that has to copied is around 250GB( approx) there any quick way to transfer this data between the two laptops...
  18. A

    UPS failing/tripping

    I have the following configuration: i7 4790k Gigabyte GA Z97 D3H Kingston HyperX 1866MHz 8GB Cooler Master G650M MSI GTX 970 OC Edition Cooler Master K380 Kingston 120GB SSD 2x2TB HDDs Dell S2240L The problem is of UPS,I bought a luminous 1000VA UPS and hooked my CPU to it.At idle or...
  19. A

    Need UPS with 1-2 hour's backup

    First of all sorry if I put this Query on wrong section I am looking for ups with 2-3 hours backup for my pc which config. Is mention below, Motherboard: - asus LGA1150 socket Processor: - i5 3.6 GHz Ram: - 8GB DDR3 HDD: - 1TB WD green Monitor: - 21’ LCD Don’t have any card’s install I...
  20. A

    NEED 2TB NAS in 15k.....

    Hey, guy’s I am looking to purchase one 2TB NAS for my 5 user’s office. My main purpose is to get daily backup on it (All 5 pc’s D drive). My budget is 15k I select some brand plz let me know which one is best, WD my cloud Seagate business storage One of my favorite Synology (but it to...
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