1. A

    backup problem on windows 7 home premium

    hello friends i just want help i am using sony vaio vpccw26 laptop,now i want to back up my window(c:drive) when i m trying to back up using backup and restore tool ,it shows this error { the shadow copy could not be created,Please check "VSS" and "SPP" application event logs for more...
  2. rajsujayks

    Need Assassins Creed 2 Save Game file

    I was playing Assassins Creed 2 in WindowsXP SP3 in my PC...Last week I upgraded from WindowsXP to Windows 7 but forgot to take a backup of the save games...I thought it was in My Documents (for which I regularly take a backup) but it wasn't...I found out later that it was in C: drive which I...
  3. R

    How To Backup Windows Updates

    frnz... i m using windows 7 HP 64 bit..... and since installation updated it a lot... but i want to backup those updates so that in future i can restore them after refreshing my system ..... its very painful to download those updates again after new windows installation ... thank you i...
  4. soyab0007

    sms backup

    is there any java based sms backup software or online service to backup sms..
  5. S

    Budget notebook..

    Please suggest a good entry level notebook config and brand for 25K My requirements are 1.I want to do programming in IDEs like Netbeans,Visual studio 2. Watch movies which are not HD(700mb movies) 3. Maximum backup power It would be better if i don't have to pay for windows as i would be...
  6. B

    Any suggestion to syce my iPhone sms backup to PC and keep

    I once come across the problem that my iPhone rejects receiving new SMS but all the SMS are so important that I don't want to delete them. So I simply need to backup your iPhone SMS onto computer or print them or transfer to another iPhone? Here I am looking for a way on how to transfer your...
  7. leo61611616

    Backup and Restore All Browsers

    Wouldn't you like a single application that can backup and restore all browsers installed on your computer, instead of having to do them manually or using individual application for each browser? Then that's exactly what FavBackup does. It can backup/restore your profile, settings, bookmarks...
  8. hdsk.23

    Data storage: The word of the day is zettabyte

    Data storage: The word of the day is zettabyte Goodbye Petabytes and Exabytes, Hello Zettabytes! First, a vocabulary lesson: a zettabyte is a unit equal to one billion terabytes. It seems like an unfathomable size, but IDC predicted in a recent study that by the end of the decade, our...
  9. A

    UPS Suggestion for My rig

    Hi, Please suggest me a good ups for my machine. I have following spec: core i7 860 4 gb DDR3 Ram 1 TB HDD Geforce 210 650 watts smps 22 inch LG monitor I need descent ups with backup time at least 15 minutes.My friend suggest me to go for APC UPS. but i don't know which model suitable...
  10. bajaj151

    Suggest me UPS

    Config: BenQ E2200HD LCD MSI 890gxm G65 Phenom IIx6 1055t 2*2 GB Corsair 1600mhz DDR3 CM Haf 922 (2*200mm + 3*120mm) 2*SATA HDD (320+500) Samsung DVD RW Corsair VX550W Logitech Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Requirement: Atleast 10-15 min backup...
  11. I

    UPS Problem

    well some days ago started to face a peculiar problem from my ups. It sometimes provides me with backup and at other times it does not, especially while playing games or when the computer has been on for a long duration. I recharged it a numerous no. of times to gain the battery backup strength...
  12. T

    Backup of UPS

    Hi, Can anyone know backup timing for 2kb ups because in our office backup time for ups is only 2 hours .
  13. clinton

    Backup QuerryHello Friends I have a question regarding backing up of disks.My PC has

    Backup Querry Hello Friends I have a question regarding backing up of disks.My PC has been performing slowly these days and I want to reinstall the OS ("not format,just OS reinstall"),but I dont want to lose all my "installed" software's,apps,settings. So my question is that in this case...
  14. ajai5777

    Is it bad for a PC to be powered off with out shutting down..?

    I do have a UPS.But I have an UL broadband so I download 24X7.So I let PC run when I go out.But some times (may be once in a week or so) power goes and my PC is being powered off after the backup of UPS.I know its bad for HDD. Please tell me whether its so bad or not.
  15. Pravas

    Microtek UPS Backup Lasts Only For Few Seconds

    Hi techies , I'm using a Microtek UPS(HGE600AZ)from last 3yrs.. and it's backup time has significantly reduced,around 5 seconds.... So i called up a nearest service center and told them my problem, they replied me that i need to replace the battery... Now i would like to know, can't it be...
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