1. Zangetsu

    Avast is set to acquire AVG for $1.3 billion

    The deal has been approved by the management and supervisory boards of Avast and AVG and involves Avast buying out AVG’s outstanding ordinary shares at $25 each. The total value of the deal is around $1.3 billion. AVG is a publicly traded company so the deal will first have to be approved by...
  2. S


    I am planning to buy a monitor..144Hz..bare minimum RR..1080p..NO 2K OR 4K..and I plan to spend 30k max.. Now the question is should I really expand my budget to 40k and get the BENQ Gsync..2420G.. I have heard that Gsync can help a lot when the game gets taxing to your GPU..But at around...
  3. A

    low fps in gtx 970

    hello guys I am facing a problem with my system ie low fps in gtx 970.let me describe it below System Specifications 1 500w tagan power supply 2 asus a88xm-a motherboard 3 amd a6 6600k 4 8 gb corsair venegance ram 5 asus strix gtx 970 I have windows 8.1 installed 64 bit. Things i have...
  4. rohitshakti2

    Unwanted Adult popup coming up while browsing

    I am using Windows 8 on my PC. When I go online I am getting adult popups on my PC web pages. Whatever I click or whatever I do, this pop up keeps on coming and mostly on every new page or site, sometimes in the middle of the website but mostly on the right side. This virus also blocks my...
  5. A

    Need to buy GAMEPAD with Steam/Windows 8.1 Support + CHEAP

    How is this gamepad: Enter E-GPV Gamepad - Enter: Flipkart.com It has a 1000 rating with an avg of 4.1 and is only 230Rs [Snapdeal gives for 165rs but i'll pay the premium for flipkart service :P]
  6. R

    AVG Internet Security 2014 / AVG Antivirus Pro 2014 FREE 1 year

    AVG Internet Security 2014 / AVG Antivirus Pro 2014 FREE 1 year AVG Internet Security 2014 32bit *aa-download.avg.com/filedir/inst/avg_isct_x86_all_2014_4116a6613_huawei.exe AVG Internet Security 2014 64bit...
  7. CarlonSamuels

    HD 6850 troubleshooting

    Hi Guys So my problem started today morning i switched on my PC to play some game and all my fps seem to have dropped Blacklight Retribution-Used to get 75-80fps now i get 40 max CoD Black Ops-used to get 80-100 now i get 30 to 50 GTA 4 -50 avg now getting 26-30 Prototype 2 -was getting...
  8. M

    AVG Unveils 2013 Range of Consumer Online Security Products

    The company has announced a new AVG Anti-Virus FREE version designed to be more powerful and improved compared to the previous version. The company has also redesigned the interface of all the products using the touch compatible technology. Improvements are also evident in the navigational...
  9. S

    antivirus for android

    Can anyone tell me which of these antivirus is better for android?? Kaspersky......AVG PRO...avast and Norton??
  10. Pravas

    My PC is Infected Please Help...

    The first thing I do every morning is check my G-Mail. But today when I opened the page it showed me the error as shown in the attached image. I;m using windows 7 64 bit edition and I've AVG free antivirus installed which fails to show up in the task bar. Please help me out guys as soon as...
  11. D

    New PC freezing frequently in Win 7.. Help needed to troubleshoot

    I got my PC with the following config.. i5 2320 DH67CL Corsair GS 600 CM Elite 310 LG DVD 22x No Graphics card WD 500 GB APC 600 va UPS I have partitioned and installed Win 7 Home Premium and Ubunutu 11.10 Both were working fine.. I ensured that I apply all Windows; acrobat and...
  12. Sujeet

    Game Dev Salary Avg 40 Lacs!!

    OK Too Much talks about the games. Lets Shed some light on the Guys who make them happen. Source:How Much Do Game Developers Make? - Games News at IGN With that avg figures its clear that Max Profit Goes To Publisher. Ofcourse everybody knew that. Still these guys sincerely deserve such large...
  13. A

    [win xp] [pls help!!!] accidentally removed shell from avg 2012 internet security

    I accidentally remove shell startup from avg system tools/startup... then i uninstalled avg.. when i restarted my pc.. taskbar does not show.. but my documents pops up automatically.. when i run explorer.exe.. only my documents pops up.. but taskbar and desktop icons does not show.. so i...
  14. D

    Pc slows down......

    my pc configuration is intel pentium D 80 gb +40 gb HDD 512 mb+ 512 mb ram win XP SP2 pc boot up very slowly,even program takes lot of time to open up..... its starts hanging while multitasking...... my AVG antivirus shows no viruses during scanning.. plz help me out........:sad::-(
  15. Faun

    Freerice.com - Fun way to learn and donate !

    Post your scores :)) Username: Faun Donated: 13690 Grains I avg out at 44, max 49 8-)
  16. ritvij

    avg firewall blocks wireless network

    I have just installed avg anti virus trial from their site. I enabled its firewall and disabled the windows firewall.. The problem is now i cant access my wireless network.. I have an Intel wifi link 5100 on a dell studio 14 laptop with xp pro.. It happened when i restarted the system... Pls...
  17. A

    Virus Identified.Packed Hidden

    hi friends my pc is infected with virus.i m using windows xp(sp3) as my OS. antivirus is AVG FREE EDITION. avg has detected Virus Identified.Packed Hidden \\?\globalroot\systemroot\system32\gasfkydqxqnku.d ll c:\windows\explorer.exe(1532) after removing above threat from virus...
  18. A

    Virus Identified.Packed Hidden

    hi friends my pc is infected with virus.i m using windows xp(sp3) as my OS. antivirus is AVG FREE EDITION. avg has detected Virus Identified.Packed Hidden \\?\globalroot\systemroot\system32\gasfkydqxqnku.dll c:\windows\explorer.exe(1532) after removing above threat from virus...
  19. Krow

    General queries regarding Jaunty + KDE.

    How do I reduce the startup and shutdown music volume? How do I adjust desktop resolution to 1152x864 or 1280x960? Does Internert work faster in Linux or has my ISP gone mad? I get 44-48kb/s when downloading from repos and in general, I used to get avg spd of 27-31kbs in XP while torrenting...
  20. R


    I'm infected! Further Info here, *www.threatexpert.com/report.aspx?md5=ece368095941a667a78853c88b93166b Have to admit, on my hard disk I've all files ktly.exe wbj.exe and autorun.inf Had them all removed using MalwareBytes' but they've reappeared. Is this worm a relatively...
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