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Broken In
I'm infected!

Further Info here,


Have to admit, on my hard disk I've all files ktly.exe wbj.exe and autorun.inf

Had them all removed using MalwareBytes' but they've reappeared.

Is this worm a relatively new one?

Any suggestions on what i should do?

I use AVG and Spybot.


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dude both avs suck..u need a kaspersky. also i recco tht u back up ur imp data and format all ur drives.then create a autorun.inf folder in each drive. right click to properties and check on hidden and write protected. and use kaspersky to block off incoming threats.thats an old school trick. :)


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Try using Avira Antivirus. It's has 99.7% detection rates and good in eliminating malwares. You can also try some other malware removal tools such as Trojan Remover and Noob Killer.
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