1. Skyh3ck

    Wireless Wifi router/modem for home use with PC, Laptop, Mobile Buying suggestion

    Hi Friends i will be getting a new broadband internet connection from cable operator in my area. he will be setting up the connection in my house after a week, i want to use this internet connection in Desktop PC, Laptop, Mobile phones without any wires so i am thinking to create a wifi zone...
  2. .jRay.

    Dlink dir615 n300 problems

    I have the router which keeps on rebooting automatically despite. I tried doing a reset checked the settings but no progress. There was heavy lightning and thunderstorm in my area and the power cable was damaged, got it replaced by a cheap cable from local vendor. Did this cause the problem?
  3. eggman

    Residents of Kolkata , Please help

    Hello I'm moving from Bangalore to Kolkata (for a year or two) .Kindly help me with few of my queries. My office is in DLF IT Park in Rajarhat. What is the best area to live nearby (10-20 mins travel on Bike is acceptable ). My requirements : 1 BHK flat or 1BK flat. Area: 450 - 600...
  4. R

    Into the gaming industry after btech

    How to get into industry after B.Tech. I am a student of CSE B.Tech. I want to work for big gaming companies or I need to do M.Tech for that. How to go in that industry and is anything extra needed for that and how can I do that in 4 or in 6 yrs. Help me.... Tell me everything i need...
  5. R

    Airtel or Act BB??

    Currently I am using BSNL at borewell road, whitefield which sucks on pings after 5PM till 11 45 PM :) as I had no other options available in the area. I am shifting to 5th Cross, D Block, AECS layout, Blore and I find Act and Airtel being available in that area. Can someone throw some...
  6. J

    2.1 speaker for 4k

    need 2.1 speaker for rich quality sound budget 5k please help me out list of speakers in my area f&d f680 ,sony d9 c2 for 3.8k in snapdeal
  7. anirbandd

    Hyderabad Bomb Blast

    Three blasts in Dilsukh Nagar area in Hyderabad
  8. S

    Is it worth doing MCA through Distance education ?

    Hi, I got a offer job from a school for managing their examination cell, substitute computer teacher and to manage their website. It is a reputed school in my area. They are promising me an decent salary with increment. Currently, i m in sixth semester of regular bca course which will...
  9. Prince Sinha

    My Network Places Freezes!!!

    Whenever I try to navigate to My Network Places, it freezes and afer sometimes it pops up and I find there nothing, its empty... I know that Local Area connection is working fine coz my router shows LAN and am running internet on PPPOE mode but it even doesn't show Local Area Connection.. I want...
  10. T

    sx240hs or FZ47..???

    In ebay i got good deal for both Canon SX240 HS and Panasonic FZ47 by having closer difference in price.I has a little confusion to choose among the these... So pls suggest which is best..? FOCUS AREAS: Image details, Low Light, Features and Spl.Effects, Handling, Video quality and other effects...
  11. tejjammy

    Help buying DSLR within 40k

    Hi, I've decided to buy a DSLR to replace my existing bridge camera. Please suggest me a good DSLR within 40k. It should have video recording capability. My main area of interest would be landscapes, buildings and occasionally animals from close range. Thanx
  12. M

    Where can I buy Corsair CX430

    Hi guys, I want to buy the Corsair CX430 but it is locally unavailable. In flipkart the price is 2751 INR.. Can I get a better deal than this, online somewhere else? Also I dont have service of corsair in my area, Bhubaneswar. Where's the nearest service centre for corsair to go if the psu goes...
  13. B

    Help with NAS Purchase in Pune

    I require a Seagate Blackarmor NAS 440 8TB for my business requirements. Can you please suggest me a good vendor for the same in Pune/Mumbai area ?
  14. Faun

    Decent broadband connection in Dange Chowk, Pune

    Anyone of you using broadband in the same area please tell which one is best. Thanks
  15. bajaj151

    Gym in Janakpuri

    Please suggest good gym in Janakpuri Area...
  16. S

    Is Innobuzz too Arrogant ?

    Hi Today i gave my CISE ( Certified Information Security ) exams. The rules were like :- Their are x questions. After you solve each question with correct answer, you will get a password. After your examination duration is complete, you need to submit passwords inside Client Area. So, their...
  17. M

    Google StreetView Coming to Delhi??

    Yesterday my mom informed me that some guys from Google had visited our residential area (in Pitampura) for photographs of our apartments. Does it mean StreetView is coming to Delhi? Can anybody from Delhi confirm if Google guys have visited their area too?
  18. fun2sh

    Earthquake in bangalore???

    Hey Bangaloreans!! Did any any1 feel shaking? We felt our office building shake ( in whitefield area). i think earthquake came. Yes, earthquake came. *
  19. U

    Using internet and LAN from 2 ports

    I have 2 LAN ports in my ASUS P5Q-E. I have connected my Intenet to one port, and my Wifi router to my other one. I haven't connected my internet to my router as I don't want to share my internet :D. Now, both of em works independently without any flaws. But if both are enabled together...
  20. V

    Biostar TZ68K+ with Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO

    So i want to buy cm hyper 212 evo but im unsure if it will fit on my motherboard with a grapchics card plugged in.....there is very little space between the gpu and the cpu area...gpu is right below the cpu area. can anyone verify if it will fit ?
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