1. maximus999


    Hello............I just have a simple Question..........My Adobe Photoshop CS8 has been behaving strangely .....I dunno what settings are changed......for eg;.while using the Image blending tweak.........we use a marquee tool and select the area and Hit DEL key;its starts to blend......but...
  2. goobimama

    Zombie effect. (Photoshop tutorial)

    This is a very easy tutorial which no one realises is possible until someone tells them it is. I must also say that i am quite scared of my shadow after this creation... step 1: Open up a portrait. Make sure it has a dark background. Daylight pictures don't work very well. Take...
  3. N

    want to know about freelancer jobs

    Hi, I want to know some details about IT jobs as a freelancer. can anyone suggest some websites ,where can i find useful information. How much safe this area is to deal in ? by the way, i am jobless at the moment .
  4. sidewinder

    spamihilator help

    I use spami to stop spam.But recently its working in rather a strange way.It shows mails catched as spam in training area but not in recycle bin.So i cant restore them.Any idea how to get through!!!
  5. P

    Help recover a NTFS partition

    Hello Guys I lost a partition of 40 GB in my 160Gb sata Hdd due to a power surge. I am not touching it can you guys help me recover it. Windows says it is a "raw" area and needs to be formatted. Actually i lost the mbr+grub these i was able to restore but i am scared to touch this area as i...
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