1. Sarath

    Bank newb with many queries :)

    I have only started taking active interest in banking activities and want to know more about NEFT. I got as much information as I could from my Dad but I think there is a little more I still don't understand. I hope I will find answers to my simple queries here. 1. Does NEFT have timing...
  2. R2K

    How much bandwidth do you use per month with plan

    i am using BSNL 750UL from 8 april 2011 to 30april DL for april : 51.83 GB Upload for april : 6.51 GB This month i have already used around DL : 52.27 GB upload : 24.94 GB So how much bandwidth do you guys burn per month on an average:)):grin:
  3. Stuge

    Western Digital Run by Ultra/Super idiots ![RMA ]

    I registered one of my failed 74gb Raptor for RMA on 12th April 2011.Drive was supposed to be picked on 18th April 2011 ,but no one came to pick the drive .On 22nd April, I got a call from their courier company (don't remember the name ) that a guy will come to pick up the drive on 23rd...
  4. G

    Sony attacked again: 24.6 million accounts compromised

    Sony Corporation and Sony Computer Entertainment announced today that their ongoing investigation of illegal intrusions into Sony Online Entertainment (SOE) systems revealed that hackers may have stolen SOE customer information on April 16, 2011 and April 17, 2011. Unlike the first time, Sony...
  5. M

    Selecting year range

    +----+--------------+ | id | drilling_date +----+--------------+ | 1 | 1984-02-12 | 2 | 1987-03-08 | 3 | 1988-11-01 | 4 | 2005-06-30 | 5 | 2009-12-28 | 6 | 1984-03-10 +----+--------------+ how can i select all data that falls between March 1984 - April 1985, March 1985 -...
  6. M

    Digit magazine April 2006 to December 2010 DVD/CD collection 150+ discs

    [closed]Digit magazine April 2006 to December 2010 DVD/CD collection 150+ discs Digit magazine April 2006 to December 2010 DVD/CD collection 150+ discs Content: 150+ discs with full of softwares, games, moves, music and other content. DVD-Dual layer 8.5GB: From 2009-2010 DVD 4.5GB...
  7. blademast3r

    Is it safe to assume my dataone plan has changed?

    Hey guys I had requested for a plan change from home 500 to ul 750 on the last week of march (28th ) . And this request was sent to the main office in bangalore and to an engineer there. He said hell change it starting from april itself. Today I checked my speeds are close to 55-60 kBps on...
  8. Gaurav Bhattacharjee

    Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

    [GAMINGUNION]Modern Warfare 3 Is Set For Reveal In April Source
  9. A

    Bad News - price of computer components might increase

    prices of all computer components to be raised by 5% from 1st april because of 2011 budget
  10. Y

    suggest Graphic Card under 10K for animation purpose.

    my existing config is in my signature. Please suggest a graphic card under 10K. I need it in April.
  11. P

    Office 2010 beta

    Can some one give the product key for the ms office 2010 beta which came with digit in the april 2010 issue
  12. saurabh_1e

    Pentium d Cpu

    Pentium d computer I want to sell my pentium d based config: Pentium d 925 (Bought on 10th April 2007) Intel mobo-d102ggc2 (Bought on 10th April 2007) ram-1.5 gb ddr2 ---> 512mb (Bought on 10th April 2007) + 1024mb (on November 2008) hdd-500 GB ---->(jan 2009) psu lit-eon dvd writer -...
  13. Stuge

    Flickr Hello, India ! Event -Delhi ,Mumbai & Bangalore

    *www.flickr.com/groups/helloindia/ Delhi, April 16th RSVP Bangalore, April 21st RSVP Mumbai, April 23rd RSVP
  14. A

    HP Officejet 6500 Wireless (AIO/MFD)-under warranty

    My HP Officejet 6500 Wireless (AIO/MFD) is up for sale. I got this AIO/MFD from HP as a part of the their delta testing program in February 2009. The delta program completed on April 2009. I received the certificate of ownership from HP on April, 2009. So the printer is in warranty till April...
  15. topgear

    Windows Mobile 7 Date Leaked

    Windows Mobile 7 won't appear until next year. Microsoft Kitchen supposedly acquired a slide from the recent Office 2010 presentation given to Microsoft partners. The image provided an overview of Office Mobile 2010: edit content on the go and save the changes back to the source, view charts...
  16. sridatta


    Hi everyone * FOR BANGALORE BUYERS * Brand New Sony Playstation 3 - 80 GB Model + Killzone 2 for Sale. I have ordered a PS3 console in April from eBay, and surprisingly, I got the same as a gift from my sisters for my birthday which is on April 29th. So, I am planning to sell the...
  17. abhijit_reddevil

    7 millionaires, four convicts among West Bengal candidates

    There are seven millionaires as also 24 candidates with criminal records, four of them convicted, in West Bengal's first phase of the Lok Sabha polls to be held April 30.:shock::-x What more development can we expect in WB? :-x...
  18. topgear

    India to phase out Chinese handsets by April 13

    New Delhi, April 4 (IANS) Cheap Chinese handsets that do not have an International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) - a unique 15-digit identity code - will be phased out from the Indian market by April 13, industry operators said. The Department of Telecom (DoT) has directed telephone...
  19. Infernal12

    anyone giving IIT-JEE?

    ....on 12th April? Need tips lol:-P
  20. Rollercoaster

    WTF? YouTube Upside Down !! ??? !!

    :shock::shock::shock: I went to youtube today and saw this: Even the video was upside down but did not get captured. anyone know what is going on !!! April Fool!! The first video you visit on youtube the page is upside down.
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