1. M

    Conflicker.C Worm is Going to Strike again on 1st April 2009

    Conflicker.C Worm is Going to Strike again on 1st April 2009 A variant of Dangerous Conflickr Worm, know an Conflickr.C, is Going to Strike Again on 1 April 2009. Check out following Image to view How this Worm Attacks Computers (Click to Enlarge): Read More Here :arrow:Removal...
  2. utsav

    Thinkdigit Kanpur meetup

    Well this time its not the same Delhi or Mumbai again. :p Me,gxsaurav ,krates ,abhishek have planned to meet up in kanpur on this 5th April. gxsaurav will come from Lucknow to kanpur and i will go from Jhansi to Kanpur for the meetup. The expected meetup location is Rave Moti at around...
  3. Anorion

    [By Demand] April 2009

    Hey there bring em on
  4. comp@ddict

    AMD Phenom 45nm Deneb @ 3.4GHz

    Source- *www.overclock.net/amd-cpus/356662-amd-phenom-45nm.html It's still an engineering sample. It's set to be released by April 09.
  5. Dark Star

    Chip April Issue!

    Well I was surfing Chip site and noticed that they posted an article on OS shootout in their April Issue.. I stumbled upon the site yesterday and after seeing it I went to the shop to get it.. But none had the Magz in stock.. If some 1 had Chip of April month can he/she scan that page for me ...
  6. abhinandh

    Windows XP SP3 Release Dates

    With Service Pack 3 for Windows XP just over the horizon, we've managed to get our hands on the internal schedule for the release of the highly anticipated update to the aging operating system. As you can see in the list below, most of the stages will occur before the end of the month, though...
  7. eggman

    The official IPL Thread

    Lets Discuss about anything and everything about IPL here!! Well I'm going to attend the first match of IPL on 18th April ...Bangalore vs Kolkata. Anyone else attending any match!!!
  8. ankushkool

    Digit April 08 DVD not workin!!! where 2 complain?

    The DVD with my april 08 issue which i bought is not workin, i even tried it on a different comp. This is de second time this has happened 2 me... and there is no way i can contacy digit ppl... the report damaged issue gives me this page : *www.thinkdigit.com/report_missing.php i even...
  9. M

    March And April 2008 DVD Not working

    Hi friends Mine March And April 2008 DVD's are Not working in my sony DVD combo drive bout feb 2008 DVD is working very well. After checking Both DVD i found out some similarities between them, that i am pointing out please read it carefully. 1. Both of DVD,s doesn't Autorun. 2...
  10. sourav123

    Virgle: April Fool's Day Joke From Google

    Google has come up with a better and shiny April Fool's Day prank this year with the announcement of Virgle. The project claims to have a goal of creating a human establishment in Mars over next 100 years. It also has created a webpage dedicated to the project. Official announcement by Sir...
  11. Ihatemyself

    windows xp to be made freeware from april 2009

    windows xp to be made freeware from april 2009 also bill gates is planning to resolve that from now onwards all windows will be opensource...lol Hey TODAY is april 1 remember?:D so any one of u planning some good tricks to play on frends?
  12. 100.dx

    how will i know tht my plan is changed

    hey guys last month i give application to bsnl customer care to upgrade my plan 250 start upto 900 home.. they told me from 1st april it will change.. today is 1st april i hav my portal id and password.. in this when i click on my orders it shows 250 startup plan wht is this? is my plan is not...
  13. Kiran.dks

    April Fool Ad!

    Good one. Check this guys: *www.timesjobs.com/foolmaal/index.html
  14. hullap

    1000+ Proxy's for you

    i have 1000+ proxys documents containings proxys *hullap.googlepages.com/Proxys.odt *hullap.googlepages.com/Proxys.txt proxys Warning some maybe spam as i could possibly test each one *www.webproxy4free.info/ *www.changeurip.info...
  15. naveen_reloaded

    Microsoft says no Blu-ray for Xbox 360

    "Xbox is not currently in talks with Sony or the Blu-ray Association to integrate Blu-ray into the Xbox experience," Greenberg told Reuters in an interview. Microsoft, which has stopped making an HD-DVD add-on for the Xbox 360, would continue to invest in its Xbox Live online service that...
  16. Dark Star

    Ubuntu 8.04 LTS Release Scheduled!

    Ubuntu is a Linux distribution for your desktop or server, with a fast and easy install, regular releases, a tight selection of excellent packages installed by default, every other package you can imagine available from the network and professional technical support from Canonical Ltd and...
  17. R

    needed thinkdigit april 07

    can anyone upload think digit april 07 magazine or can any one tell me how do we create windows xp with preinstall software
  18. kerthivasan

    Gmail Paper-is It A April Fool's Joke Or Not?

    Hi Guys . I Want To Know Wheter Gmail Paper-is It A April Fool's Joke Or Not?
  19. Pravas

    Is the price down yet

    Did Intel dropped its price yet:(. If no, then when will it be, it was heard in April ? If yes by how much?:)
  20. T

    GTA 4 Announced for PC

    April Fool. :D.
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