1. Maverick340

    Official Heroes Discussion Thread [Warning: may contain spoilers!]]

    Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details may be reveled. Read on your own risk. Now that the show has taken a break until April 23rd, we can discuss how the show is in the first season and maybe get a few doubts cleared - because the show is little confusing with 12 characters and the...
  2. Manshahia

    Best Web Browser? See this...

    Source: Super Computing April 2007
  3. Vishal Gupta

    SOFTWARE NEWS: Mozila Firefox Released

    This is what Mozilla says: Download here
  4. eddie

    IE team sends Mozilla a cake for the upcoming release of Firefox 2?

    I simply couldn't believe it when I read this. It looked like an April fool's joke at first but then it is not April. Source: *fredericiana.com/2006/10/24/from-redmond-with-love/ Flickr: *www.flickr.com/photo_zoom.gne?id=278562314&size=o Flickr...
  5. M

    About autopatches,,, ?

    hi I would like to ask regarding autopatches,,,,,,,, just formatted machine,,,,,,,, if i will install april 2006 autopatch ,,,,,,,then is it necessary to install old march 06 ,feb 06 ,jan 06 ,dec 05 ,and so on,,,,,,,,, or april 06 autopatch includes everything of past autopathces...
  6. abhijit_reddevil

    Half-life2 episode one on it's way!!!

    Great news for all Gordon Freeman fans: *www.gamespot.com/pc/action/halflife2aftermath/index.html The first expansion pack for HL-2 is going to be released worldwide on 24th april 2006. 8) 8) 8) Can't wait to test my 6800GS on it... 8) 8) 8)
  7. casanova

    Digit Readers in Pune

    Hi I had received a non working DVD in April but i havent received m replacement yet. So if anybody in Pune is having the dvd of april then please give your contact information so that i can borrow it. You can even mail me ur info at casanovaredefined@gmail.com
  8. A

    Installing Linspire on HDD

    I have so far been using Xandros to demonstrate Linux to 'Windowed' people. But now I found that Xandros is better and faster. I could not find any util to install the Live CD (Digit April DVD) onto the HDD. Though some body in the forum (Will have to check who and where) suggested that it can...
  9. R

    Win 98 crashes on 26th April

    Dear Friendz On 26th April 2004 at 11 p.m my computer (Win98) crashed. I was just copying some files from one drive/folder to another. My machine was in top condition before this incident with no error messages. While copying, suddenly the famous Blue Screen of Death (BSD) appeared and in no...
  10. B

    [Feedback] March 2005 Digit DVD/Digit Magazine

    It's feedback time! BTW: just closed the April DVD, should i post the preview? should i wait? post? wait? post? wait? hmm... :twisted:
  11. G

    Doom 3 - RoE Trailer

    it's out, it's dam out The expension pack for Doom3 in all the respects, graphics, gameplay Doom3 - Ressurection of Evil will be released on April 1st week, however the trailer is out *www.gamershell.com/download_8457.shtml A must include in Digit april DVD For screenshots...
  12. Raaabo

    [By Demand] April 2005 DVD

    byte has finished work on the March DVD. Those requests and suggestions that could not be fitted into the March DVD will be carried on April, if any! Let him know what you guys would like on the April DVD. Either of us will be posting the regular preview of both magazine and DVD as soon as it...
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