1. T

    at which univs should I apply?

    My profile, -my gre score 1460 (Q:800 V:660) -TOEFL (113) -aggregate in BE first 6 sems (64%) from Mumbai Univ college. -written few articles for magazine like "Linux for you" want to do MS in Computer Science So given these stats could someone knowledgeable please tell me at which universities...
  2. S

    Upgradeable component

    Hi, I have an old PC with AMD Athlon 4200+, 2 GB RAM and 8600 GT (256 MB RAM) on Windows 7. I recently installed BioShock 2, but the performance is less than satisfactory. Can you please suggest the cheapest upgrade that I can apply. What card can I buy within Rs 5000 that'll provide a...
  3. happy20b

    Help in applying thermal paste

    Dear all, I bought coolermaster htk 200 yesterday . I have not applied thermal paste before. Instruction says that stick the sticker provided with product on HSF bottom and apply the paste. once done remove the sticker and mount on cpu. But when i googled found that ppl apply paste on...
  4. A

    System Analysts / Sr . Software Engimneer

    Company Name: Care Placements Experience: 1 - 5 yrs Location: Pune Education: Any Degree Industry Type: IT/Software Skills: System Analysts / Sr. Software Engimneer To apply for this job, click here jobs in mumbai
  5. blademast3r

    How do i get internships?

    Hey guys im currently doing my 4th sem of engineering in CS stream and would like to take up an internship program in a compnay... But how/Where do i apply?? someone pls guide me
  6. Vishal Gupta

    [Release] SevenVG Icon Pack for Windows XP

    "SevenVG Icon Pack" will make Windows XP icons look like Windows 7. Download it using following link: Download Link After downloading the file, extract it and you'll get a folder containing the Icon Pack. You'll need "Stardock Icon Packager" to apply this icon pack which you can find...
  7. Beckhamgal


    Hey!! I wanna knw abt Special Class Railway Apprentices Examination(SCRA). Whats its syllabus n eligibility criteria? How can I apply? When are the application forms coming out n from where can I get them? Thanks in advance.
  8. Beckhamgal

    No career after +2

    Hey guys, I am a +2 student giving boards. And the meltdown has become a nightmare now; it worries me a lot:cry:. I have filled forms of various engg collages nd m gonna appear in those exams. But i don't think its that secured, you see, m talking about job security. They are not placing...
  9. R

    How to apply Thermal Compund on Q6600?

    i will be applying Arctic Cooling MX2 on my Q6600. Arctic Cooling's guide says i have to apply to the middle of the CPU(in a round shape) and DO NOT spread it. then install the cooler and AFTER installation rotate the whole cooler. im using the stock cooler and fan. as far as i know the heat...
  10. phreak0ut

    Greying out buttons in swing

    How to grey out buttons after it is clicked in Swing? Like, when we click Apply, it's greyed out in most applications.
  11. MetalheadGautham

    Need information of BBA Course at IIPM

    Hi Guys! I am looking for info of the BBA course at IIPM. I heard its a 3 year course and after working for 2 years after completion of course, I can get an MBA degree automatically. Is it any good ? It doesn't seem to be a Govt. Recoganised institute. They don't give the degree themselves. Is...
  12. choudang

    Folder Option error | Hidden option

    Guys.. This is a duplicate post as i am not able find out first one which was posted today morning. We are not able to view the hidden file/folders. while enabling thru "Show hidden files and folders", it get restored to "Do not show ...." after clicking apply and Ok. We have NOD32 installed...
  13. direfulsky

    cpu temp

    Hello guys,i have intell G31 chipset motherboard,and intell core 2 duo E7200 cpu.I want to know watts normal cpu temp. my cpu temp reaching up to 80 to 85 degress.(its not over clocked) this is temp when cpu usage is 1 or 2%.shall i need to apply thermal paste? if yes pls tell me how i can...
  14. krates

    All symbian queries here !!!

    ^^ so post your queries My query is Is there any hack through which i can apply full screen wallpapers ? thanks :p
  15. Plasma_Snake

    Orkut Themes

    I've ab Orkut account which I rarely use(coz I'm here all the time:D) but still would like it to look good so can any1 tell me how to apply themes in Orkut account?:rolleyes:
  16. L

    I need Suse 10.4 Whr to request?

    I need Suse(latest) wich i think is 10.4 I am findin noway to apply or request for tht? its free na?!!!
  17. BBThumbHealer

    Boot Screen Probleem - Tune Up Utilities 2008

    Hi Guys, Whenever i create a new bootskin using tune up styler and apply that , it automatically activates the No GUI boot option in msconfig<boot and as a result , evrytime i boot , i get that hidden aurora boot screen instead of which i wanted ! what could be the problem ? Thnx...
  18. phreak0ut

    Where do I get isopropyl alcohol?

    Need to clean the CPU and HS and apply AS5(will be buying). Where will i get it? Approx price?
  19. T

    google summer of code jam?

    i would like to know if anyone of has participated in this or even applied for it? what qualifications do i need to apply. i am currently in 1st year comp engg. can i apply next year 2008 if so what all should i know?
  20. piyushp_20

    Hidden files not showing up

    hey guys, i am fedup with cleaning all the viruses, nw the problem i am facing is that the hidden files are not showing up evn when i apply the Show hidden files option. plz help me out
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