1. niranjan_mcarenyold

    compiling kernel

    hi all, i am having fedora core4. right now i want to upgrade(just think) my kernel and i got my latest kernel from next step is to (i think) recompiling the kernel. i think it is the process. can anybody tell me how recompile my new kernel or apply a patch to my...
  2. R

    Software Needed!

    hello all! i need a softtware in which many Javascipts are there! I am developing a web page so i need them. i need a software with many javascripts from which i can apply on my web page! thanks a lot!
  3. shaunak

    matrix style text

    1) get the matrix font to make it more authentic form we can do without it too. 2) Open a new document atleast 300*150 px 3) Write any text on it 3) make the charecter settings (window>charecter) this: font size: 36pts...
  4. koolbluez

    Radical Car Body Painting (Photoshop)

    Guys... firstly, I'd like to tell that this is adapted from some place in the net i got sometime ago... This tutorial deals with a unique method of changing the color of a car... call it body painting Unlike traditional ways of changing a vehicle's body colour, this technique uses layer...
  5. mohit

    Should i apply XP SP1 before APPLYING SP2 ?

    Should Windows XP SP1 be applied prior to applying SP2 ?? Is it necessary ?
  6. xenkatesh

    power point help.......

    hi pals, i have been trying this for past three days.... plzzzz help me... How to apply different design for different slides in the same presentation.... thanx in advance...
  7. saROMan

    Firefox again...

    hey i resently d/l some themes for firefox.........but dont know how to apply them????? in 1.0 u just drag them to themes...window..but how u do it in 0.93????? can any 1 help me????
  8. S

    how to apply new themes in XP

    i wanted to know is there any way to apply new themes in XP pro. without using any softwares
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