1. A

    Suggest me a Thermal Paste

    Hi guys, my HP Pavilion is running really hot now 60 on idle and 90-100 on heavy loads in the time of winter.If i won't do something my chip will fry up.I need to clean it and apply thermal paste.What should i buy.Please suggest a good thermal paste out there.I don't wanna compromise on that.In...
  2. anandharaja

    How to apply thermal paste to Asus GTX 670

    hi, my GPU reaches the temperature of above 70 in just a minute while rendering. but earlier it takes at-least 10 minutes to reach 70, so i think the paste should dry, i want to replace that one. searched in google not found any proper video to apply the thermal paste/ removing the heat sink for...
  3. TechnoBOY

    some question regarding bsnl broadband

    1)should i apply via online and will there be any delay 2)if i apply in this week will my bill come this month and some one help me to choose the plan
  4. N

    setup dialup connection

    have you heard of 5net ISP.I want to know how to establish a dial up connection to my win8 laptop. I am quite unknown about 5net but I want to apply for its service.plz can I have its details.(I reside in Pune.)
  5. lakeport

    Btech from Delhi university

    Hi guys all my engg entrance exams have been declared. I have not been selected in any of them except UPES dehradun. :( Now i am thinking of doing Btech from Delhi University. Can someone advise me about it? How is it...? Also can i apply for Btech and BA both? Because if i dont get Computer...
  6. ithehappy

    BSNL Broadband: Does your FUP apply properly?

    Title says it all. For example of you've UL800, after 6 GB (or I don't know what is the limit) speed should come down to 512 kbps, from 2 mbps. Does that apply after the usage of 6 GB? Or you keep getting 2 mbps speed? I might upgrade my plan to 1350 (or 1400 atm), but I am scared about that...
  7. doomgiver

    IAS/Civil services 2013 application form

    When do they come out? Its almost march, and even their site has no info. Anyone else trying to apply?
  8. D

    How to apply screen protector on google nexus 7?

    Hi, I bought the new the amzer google nexus 7 screen protector for Rs 600 and when my nexus arrived I tried to apply the protector. Firstly I had to mess with alignment and then once I aligned propely and applied . bam!!, I see 50+ bubbles on screen. Trying again and again I ended up with...
  9. @

    Anyone Applying for DRDO SET 2012

    Anyone here giving / interested in DRDO SET 2012 ? Link - RAC, Home Last date for application is Feb 16. They aren't letting freshers to apply this time ? I tried to fill the form & it is asking minimum 3 years experience Can anyone confirm ?
  10. R

    ABOUT Earning money game tester

    Respected Sir, I am Raj from visakhaptnam Age 20 ,i have doubt where can apply for game tester job and earn money,,i have that even heared that many people are earning bucks thru that,,so i think i the best player of visakhpatnam,,i play tekken5 senior digit team...
  11. RBX

    MS Word : Preparing Table of Contents

    I needed to prepare a Table of Contents for my project report. The table should have columns S.No., Title, followed by Page No. at extreme right. There is no way I could justify portions of same line, so I tried using columns; but the idea didn't work out well. It would either apply to the...
  12. rahul2002

    MCSE kolkata

    Hi, I am currently doing CCNA from WEBEL informatics and RHCE from AEM. I know that these two are really affiliated to CISCO and RED HAT. Can anyone tell about an affiliated centre where i can learn MCSE. Also, how do i apply for jobs after completing these certifications??? I have got B.Tech in...
  13. D

    buyin phone on ebay

    hey all Instead of waitin fr a relative to come frm US with a phone for me, i thought of buyin one on ebay. Except i dont koe how reliable it is to but electronics online. Plus what is the deal for unlockin the phones here, and does the warrenty for the new sets apply here too? I am...
  14. windchimes

    Audio issues with speaker and headphones

    Hi folks, Off late I'm experiencing this problem where when I insert the headphone or speaker pins to the respective ports on my laptop, the sound goes missing or turns sufficiently pale as if a major chunk of the audio has been cut off and I am hearing it from a far distance. When I apply...
  15. M

    Looking for talented writers

    Hi Guys, I hope you people allow me to post this as I think Digit's community is the strongest place and I can reach out to the majority of talented gamers through this channel. We run a very popular gaming website and are looking for Indian writers. I wouldn't be naming it here since I don't...
  16. R

    M.Sc physics in India

    Hi, I am from Nepal and want to do M.Sc in india. Which are the Universities I can apply for in India?
  17. rhasta

    BE Printing Technology - Interesting to study or boring?

    Hey guys can anyone tell me if printing technology is interesting or boring? I might apply for BE Printing technology at Manipal University so I needed an expert opinion..
  18. Skud

    What is the Best Way to Apply Thermal Compound?

    Hardware Secrets have tested various methods of applying thermal paste on CPU and tested for their temps. In the end, they confirm what we probably know for quite some time - a small/tiny dot at the middle of the CPU is the most efficient way to get good thermals, no need to spread it all...
  19. choudang

    urgent - SQL 2008 - Table lock

    hi, need some info on SQL 2008. one of my x-colig asked me on this scenario, i said with Tablock but i am not too confident on that, AFAIK, we have to apply trigger to prevent table drop. case: Org has two databases as DB1 and DB2, for accessing every user has to authenticate themselves...
  20. utkarsh009

    what the cores of a cpu actually are?

    why is sandy bridge better than amd? why is sandy bridge better than amd? is it only due to clock speed? then can that performance be achieved by overclocking? if not then what are the other reasons? also apply the same question to older intel processors. why is intel always ahead of amd in the...
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