1. gohan89

    Please suggest a good affordable mouse and keyboard for gaming

    I want to buy a wired keyboard and mouse for gaming.It doesn't have to be branded for gaming but have to be durable and affordable. They can be from two different brands and don't need to be with fancy additions. Mouse needs to have two additional buttons near the thumb.
  2. M

    Affordable Mp3 Player under 25000 or max 3000

    My apple ipod shuffle has stopped working.I need a new MP3 Player that is affordable and features a clip. I have shortlisted Transcend MP300 * Is this a good choice,will the sound quality be good enough as in my Grand 2 ?
  3. ithehappy

    Philips 28" 4K monitor at 599 USD!

    I guess the future of 4K is bright already, and Philips just made the pricing awesome so that everyone can get the taste. In three to four years I am seeing the FHD craze will shift to 4K, as a standard factor. Source : Philips launches affordable 28" 4K monitor for $599 - GSMArena Blog
  4. S

    Does BSNL provide affordable wireless service?

    For last 5 years, I have been using 800ULD plan by BSNL. Now I am moving out for my studies to Delhi so I need a good affordable wireless service (preferably with unlimited usage or atleast a FUP of around 8 gb). Does BSNL provide a good option and does it hold well against the offerings of...
  5. R

    Need an Affordable Android

    Need an Affordable Android Mobile My friend Arun(who's torturing me to post this thread in Think DIGIT), wants to buy an android mobile with the following specs::-D :-D 1) Android OS(Above 4.0 Jelly Bean) 2) 5 MP Camera 3) 3G 4) Expected Brands: Sammy, LG, Karbonn, Lenovo. 4) And, the...
  6. P

    Should go for a Lumia 720 or wait for the Lumia 625 to come?

    Was planning to buy a Lumia 720 this week and heard of the new Lumia 625 coming this Q3? Any guesses about the expected time when it will be available in the market and the expected price launch? As they say it to be an affordable big smartphone, would that fit in my pocket of 18-19k? I mean...
  7. A

    Affordable 3D TV

    What is the cheapest 3D TV out on the market right now? And when I say "cheap" I mean affordable but with good quality. My mom is on a budget around Rs. 65000~70000. Suggestions, please! Thanks
  8. P

    Need to buy Windows affordable phone from Nokia

    Hey... I want to purchase a Windows phone at an affordable price. I am thinking of buying a Lumia 610..Can anyone please suggest the phone and share the feedback for Lumia 610
  9. M

    3D TV Purchase

    How feasible is the purchase decision on 3d TV after seeing it at someone’s house? We have been to a relative’s house sometime back, where they had a 3D TV and my sons enjoyed watching quality of 3D and wearing specs to see Spiderman Movie. I don’t think 3D TV is that affordable and beside that...
  10. savagepriest

    Embedded System or automation training

    hi, I have done, Btech in Electronics I have 5 years work experience as a RF Engineer but due to recent cut in jobs I am having problem finding job. I wish to pursue IT course please suggest me courses which have scope and are easily affordable. I have a certification in CCNA. I am not...
  11. R

    Clevo Laptops in India

    Hi, i would like to knw if i can purchase a Clevo or a Sager laptop in India They have very good configs and at affordable prices
  12. H

    Xperia New releases

    Hi Does anyone know when Sony is gonna release the new xperia phones india, m not talking about the xperia s, but the more affordable p and u versions and can anyone venture a guess on its price
  13. S

    PC Monitor

    Hi, I was looking at upgrading my current monitor to 22 inch LED Monitor. My friend suggested to go for Sumsung, as the price is affordable. I am looking at a price range of 8 to 9K. Any suggestions? Please help.
  14. doomgiver

    [Want to Buy] Affordable IEM's for 1.5k

    i wish to buy a pair of affordable IEM's, preferrably used. budget : 1.5k prefer neutral-warm sounding phones. must not be any older than a year. also, please excuse if your iem's are damaged or defective in any way. thanks.
  15. TechPlex

    Need Broadband advice

    Hi to all my forum mates! I am currently using Tikona Wi-bro service here in Pune. And I know that everybody who has used it shall want to abuse it extensively. And I am in the same situation now. I have used this service for only three months. But it feels like kicking it off!:-x So now I...
  16. N

    new camcorder

    Hi everyone... This time, i am planning to gift innovative camcorder to my daughter on her 18th birthday. My budget is not too high so, i am looking for a device that can be availed at affordable cost. Can anyone provide me some relevant details about latest camcorder specifications...
  17. S

    New Nokia C7 : Symbain 3 : 8 MP : Affordable price

    Hi Guys... I just heard about Nokia soon launching Lots Of Symbain ^3 phone after His Gr8 Nokia N8. I google and Found the next symbain ^3 phone will be Nokia C7 Features of it is Screen: 3.5 inch (on some sites 3.3'') 360x640 display capacitive. multi-touch ability. a 8MP autofocus camera...
  18. anarchy0x

    sata 3/flash harddisks

    I am thinking of buying 1.5 TB of SATA 2. My main intention of buying is storage & not games but before buying I wanted to know is SATA 3 available at an affordable rate? Also, are flash disks available in bombay at an affordable price or they are very costly?
  19. K

    CM HAF affordable model available now

    Hey Guys , just wanted to share CM's new chassis , the HAF 922 and Storm Scout . Cm had really worked out a best price for HAF and if you were stuck up with the budget while thinking of HAF 932 , definitely HAF 922 is big relief. It is perfect cabbi that accomodates my Core i7 config with V 8...
  20. A

    Suggest an affordable means of mobile internet

    I have been using the airtel's GPRS connection @ 250 per month (unlimited downloads) although the speed was less but acceptable (10 - 15 KB/s when downloading stuff). Now that airtel has removed its unlimited scheme and has raised its rate to 30paise per 50 KB i.e 6Rs per MB. Its will be...
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