Should go for a Lumia 720 or wait for the Lumia 625 to come?


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Was planning to buy a Lumia 720 this week and heard of the new Lumia 625 coming this Q3?
Any guesses about the expected time when it will be available in the market and the expected price launch? As they say it to be an affordable big smartphone, would that fit in my pocket of 18-19k?
I mean would that be worth wait? Coz I would wait only when it fits in that budget, either way i would go for the lumia 720 only! ?
Nokia Lumia 720 vs. Nokia Lumia 625 -
It should be priced around 720 but maybe priced higher initially due to LTE, bigger screen n faster processor. But 720 has better cameras.

Wait for 625 if u need bigger screen WP otherwise get 720 now n use it.

Why are you not considering Android? I don't have any problems with WP, 720 is good phone for its looks, camera n battery backup. I just need your reason for buying it


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I think it will be released in September. Here IMO Better get Lumia 720 as LTE is not Concern in India as it wont support.
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