1. vedula.k95

    How to get adsense approval for my blog

    Hey guys i am kaushik vedula and i want to know how can i get my blog approved with adsense here is my blog address The adsense button is grayed i have been blogging since these three months.? Any sujjestion?
  2. M

    Google blog/website and adsense

    Friend i want to know wether can i make website/blog for clints and made earn? By using * and also using google blogger? Also want to know if i wud signup for google adsense then how is profitable
  3. bssunilreddy

    AdSense account getting disabled due to suspicious activity in my account...!!!

    Hai guys, I made a South Indian Culinary blog via google's Blogger and signed in the Adsense account which said that they will approve of my blog after 10 days and then when I returned to check my AdSense status it says that it has deactivated my account. Reason: Due to suspicious activity...
  4. W

    Google Adsense news and views

    Adsense is Google's most successful product and recently celebrated its 10 year anniversary. Publishers who are accepted into Adsense are provided scripts that they paste on their websites. The Adsense bots and algorithm then help to transform those scripts into relevant text, images, and...
  5. Ironman

    ADSense - a Nonsense Question

    I recently applied for adsense just after creating a blog and my application was denied ... Now i want to know that do i have to ask for permission to google in every website or blog i use the google ads ? or just only once i have to aquire a approved adsense account and then Voila i can...
  6. TheLetterD

    Best blogging website?

    Hello I need to create a blog, can some one help me ouit and tell me which one would be the best? Blogspot? Wordpress? I want to create a tech-blog and I plan to use the adsense program with it. So I need to know which way would it be easier to get my partner ship approved? Also I want to start...
  7. anandharaja

    how much google pay for their adsense?

    hi, i have 2 blogs in .blogspot, when creating the blog not have idea to move .com, but now i feel .com is better than .blogspot, so i plan to ad google adsense in my blogger. how much will google pay (tell in INR), any one using google adsense please guide me.
  8. Neo

    AdSense Help.

    I applied my blog, glaryGadgets ,(don't laugh at me for the domain) for Google AdSense, and this is the email which i got after 2 days. Can you please sort out my problem?
  9. varuog

    Why is my blog not getting adsense approval?

    Hii friends ... I begun writing my blog TechRav a few months back. However, when I applied to Adsense, it got rejected without specifying any reasons. I don't have the slightest idea about what's wrong with it. Please review my blog and help me resolve the problem. Any other...
  10. P

    earning $ from youtube?

    guys, is there a way to earn some $ from youtube? like blogs, can adsense be applied in youtube too?
  11. anshul

    How to get my adsense approved

    I applied for adsense for my blog but my application got rejected. Though there is nothing objectionable on that.(Its about engineering college to be more clear). It got rejected, reason being unacceptable site content. I have a shoutbox on that page from other website added via java script...
  12. Plasma_Snake

    Blog problem

    A few days back, I created a blog in order to rake in some moolah through Ad-Sense. After creating it, I tried to register it for Ad-Sense. After a day I got this e-mail from Google. site is What did I do wrong?
  13. M

    AdSense Video Unit Retiring - Google AdSense Shutting Down Video Units

    AdSense Video Unit Retiring - Google AdSense Shutting Down Video Units Got it via E-mail from AdSense. :-(
  14. M

    WTF!! Congress Vs. BJP on Google Adsense

    WTF!! Congress Vs. BJP on Google Adsense Now these NETAs started using AdSense. Itna Paisa Kahan se Aaya inke paas Google ko Pay Karne ke liye :-x:-x:-x
  15. P

    Why Don't Digit forum implement Google Adsense revenue sharing for members?

    Friends What do you think that digit forum can implement adsense revenue sharing so that all members who had adsense accounts can get some money from google. What do you think about that.?
  16. veddotcom

    Anyone Using Google Adsense?I Need Your Help

    Hey Friend, These Days I m Creating my Own blog Through "" in Beginning I Registered With Google Adsense by Giving my Blog's Link, But After 2-3 Days They Denied my New Account Request, I don't know why (May be Due to NOT EVEN SINGLE POST), But Today I am Seeing Google Adsense Ads on...
  17. hariharakumar

    Banning fellow Adsense publishers

    Guys while i was chatting with another adsense publisher( who isnt getting quiet well earnings from adsense), he asked me to show my total adsense earnings, i know him as chat mate for quiet long time, so i have showed him my earnings(25$ from past 9 months :D) as screenshot which doesnt show...
  18. M

    ADSENSE HELP (Tax Information) - Important

    Friends, I gotta Adsense account. My earnings crosses 10$ that's why I have to submit tax information to google. I am a student and not working at all. I don't have credit card or PAN card. I don't pay tax. In submit Tax Information I am getting this: When I select all options as No I get...
  19. VarDOS


    Hi Friends, Recently I Heard About AdSense And It Also Helps To Make Money Online. Can Anybody Give A Detail Information Of AdSense Google?
  20. casanova

    Adsense enabled from blogger

    I have enabled an adsense channel from my blogger settings to display ads in between the posts. But I am not able to see the code used for this ads hence, I can't track my earnings from the ad's shown in between the posts. I can count the earnings by subtracting the earnings from other...
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