Best blogging website?


Will Power
I need to create a blog, can some one help me ouit and tell me which one would be the best? Blogspot? Wordpress?
I want to create a tech-blog and I plan to use the adsense program with it. So I need to know which way would it be easier to get my partner ship approved?
Also I want to start afresh, can I create a new Gmail acc. later to add adsense to it or will I have to continue with the one I used right now?
And I would like to see detailed information on how many people when and from where visited my website.
Please help!


Half Life2-Follow Freeman
+1 for Blogspot is best.i am using it (but under construction).
but to approved Ad sense you have to create your blog with interesting articles which increase user traffic towards your blog.


Will Power
Thanks everyone! @pravinbv I went for Blogger
Its under construction right now. I am really serious about my blog and I am planning to keep it free for the first few months(7-8) to see how everything works out so I guess blogger would be the better option. Anyways I wanted to know if I could ask you/discuss some issues about the blog's startup ? I need help from an experienced blogger using blogger.(lol)
Thanks in advance!
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