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  1. A

    How to use Adsense ?

    Hi friends. I have my personal blog at http://wordpress.com/ I want to use Google adsense in this so that i can make a bit of money :) Can anyone please guide me step by step process ? Will be very much thank ful.
  2. R

    Cant login In Adsense

    hey Ive just Made a Blog on Blogger.com . then i signed up for adsense account and then place the add on the blog. it said that it may take 48 hours to display the ad. how when i try to login to my adsense account at https://www.google.com/adsense/ it displays that the email or the password are...
  3. tuXian

    Trojan Personifies As Google AdSense

    An unnamed Trojan is mimicing Google adsense and spreading. It replaces legitimate Adsense ads with its own that carry promos for penis pills, porn sites and the like. The trojan has reportedly been developed by 'NoGoodLinks'. AdSense team confirms 'that these are fake Google ads...
  4. C

    Edit theme

    Can i edit my wordpress theme at my blog at Hyspex.com so that i can place Google Adsense ads on it.
  5. A

    Google Adsense

    I had signed up for google Adsense for my website. But my site got failed. I have started a new site. Is it possible to use the previous code to display the ads on my new site? Will I be able to earn money from that?
  6. S

    Adsense Query

    To those of u who use Adsense, wat mode of payment delivery have u chosen??? is there any script which i can use on my webpage to prevent visitors clicking on adsense not more than the number of ads visible??? If not, then shudnt google develop such a script to prevent the misuse???
  7. zegulas

    Google adsense problem

    I had applied for google adsense amnd also got their conformation mail. So i went to their website and opened my account, now to place the ads they r asking me to copy-paste the script on my webpage , how to do that? :?: :?: :?:
  8. S

    Free Webhosting

    i have my website on tripod. I signed up for Google Adsense, but they rejected the aplication saying that tripod already uses Google Adsense. I want to know a free web hosting service where i can use adsense.
  9. R

    Google Adsense

    I have a really nice website that has been open for 6 months now and we recieve a good number of hits. I would like to incorporate Google Adsense in my website to earn some money. But I am not 18 yet, so will I be able to register it in parent's name and will there be no problems due to that...
  10. whoopy_whale

    Inserting AdSense for search code

    I need to insert the Google AdSense for Search code into my blog page.I was able to insert the AdSense for Content code successfully and it's working correctly.But whatever I do,the search code is not working.Only the code keeps on displaying.The search box never seems to have appeared.And I...
  11. kjuvale

    how to use google adsense on my forum

    Hi, we friends have created a forum . we would like to how we can use adsense to add ads to forum we have created a free forum at freebb.com. how can we paste the html code to add adv.
  12. N

    Google Adsense Query No. 2

    I want to ask that can I use the same code on all pages of my website or is there any restriction on no. of pages for ads. Using free Adsense account.
  13. V

    google adsense

    Where I can register google adsense. And how can I put it on my forum. It orgfree server using phpbb 2.0.6 software.
  14. T

    has anybody got $$ from adsense of google?

    I just started using it on my site and wanted to know if anybody in india had gone any money. SO has anybody got $$ from adsense of google?
  15. D

    Adding Google AdSense Ads on my Tripod Blog

    I've just shifted my blog from Yahoo's 360 to Lycos's Tripod service. A friend reccomended it to me since it was very feature rich and also for adding Google AdSense ads. Now, this Tripod thingy has lots of script features and i cant get where i must put the HTML code that Google will give when...
  16. C

    Google Adsense

    I registered for Google adsense and displayed some ads on my website. Out of curiosity I started clicking the ads and my account was soon suspended. Now can I register with google adsense using another email address?? I tried to register on Apr 19 and still I havent received the approval...
  17. D

    Google Adsense on my Yahoo 360 blog? Possible?

    Sounds a bit ironic but thats what i wanted to know. Can i in anyway place Google adsense ads in my Yahoo 360 blog? Or which other blogging softwares will allow me to do that?
  18. H

    Better then google...?

    hey guys is there any thing on net which is as nice as google adsense.. and safe too... plz reply.. sure u know wht google adsense is...
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