Anyone Using Google Adsense?I Need Your Help

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Hey Friend, These Days I m Creating my Own blog Through "" in Beginning I Registered With Google Adsense by Giving my Blog's Link, But After 2-3 Days They Denied my New Account Request, I don't know why (May be Due to NOT EVEN SINGLE POST), But Today I am Seeing Google Adsense Ads on my Blog's Page? From Where Does it Came From? Can u guys tell me that? Also Can i register Again After get denied????

Also I need your Valuable Suggestion for Starting Adsense Program, What Should I do(i mean to say in Blog) before registering Google Adsense?

Thank You

Dark Core

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Yea adsense was denied for u coz u didn't hve even one post - post something upto 15-20 post and then re apply., the ads u see in ur blog are adsense ads which belongs to and not urs..
According to u should hve atleast posted 15 post if u need to remove their adsense ads


As per NEW Adsense TOS the Blog must be 6 Months OLD. Also I recommend go for self hosted Wordpress blog with your own domain name ;)
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