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ADSENSE HELP (Tax Information) - Important

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I gotta Adsense account. My earnings crosses 10$ that's why I have to submit tax information to google. I am a student and not working at all. I don't have credit card or PAN card. I don't pay tax.

In submit Tax Information I am getting this:

Are you a U.S. citizen, U.S. resident alien, U.S. corporation, or a U.S. partnership?
Yes No
Do you own equipment in the U.S. related to your participation in AdSense?

This includes owning a hosting service or web server in the U.S. If you simply use or rent from a U.S. hosting company, you can choose "No" to this question.
Yes No
Do you have employees in the U.S. related to your participation in AdSense?

This includes employees involved in setting up, maintaining, marketing, and supporting your site, among other things.
Yes No

When I select all options as No I get the following page:

Certification of No U.S. Activities

Please sign and testify to the following information. By clicking Submit information you agree that:
Publisher represents and warrants that it does not have any employees or equipment located in the United States ("U.S. Activities") that are involved in any way with the revenue that has been or will be earned by Publisher pursuant to the Google AdSense Online Program. U.S. Activities include, but are not limited to, owning a web server or owning a hosting service in the U.S., or having employees in the U.S. who are involved in either:

  1. setting up Publisher's web server, hosting service, or website
  2. developing content for Publisher's website
  3. marketing to create a user base for Publisher's site
  4. telephone support for Publisher's site
  5. buying products for Publisher's site
  6. maintaining Publisher's site
Signature of Publisher or a duly authorized representative of Publisher (Typing in your name acts as your signature)

The date and time of submission and your computer's IP address will be recorded when you click Submit information.
Please help me what I must do. I am not getting anything :confused:


I have forgotten what i did
But i think i pressed no or something similar to all of them and there u go it worked :D
There is no need for PAN or income tax form ...
Just click Submit...
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