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Friend i want to know wether can i make website/blog for clints and made earn? By using * and also using google blogger? Also want to know if i wud signup for google adsense then how is profitable


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Well, blogging is easy. You can start right away. What is not so easy is writing fresh articles with unique perspective and content. For you to even think about earning money from blogging, you need to have a good page rank with can only be increased if you write articles in a regular intervals and with no plagiarism.
If you post regularly, build enough readers and pageviews, then in maybe 6 months you can "apply" for adsense.

I recommend you the following links from my personal bookmarks:
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Vyom bro thanks for valuble information . Again i want to know CAN I BUILD WEBSITE FOR CLINTS USING * ? If yes then can google provide me free domin? Or i have to buy for clint ACTULY IM INTERESTING TO START OWN WEB DEVE WORK USING GOOGLE WHAT YOU SAY?
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