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  1. naveen_reloaded

    Delight for All Website Owners..Hurry in..!

    Hi guys are u tired of making money online ..??? with adsense??? or not getting enough clicks nor impression ..??? and which inturns road blocks to ur earning ?? FORGET IT !! here is ur chance to earn money... just by playing ads GOt it ?? just play the ads.. doesnt require...
  2. Gigacore

    Cracks in Adsense Ads

    Just founds adsense displaying links to nero cracks in my site today Wondering why those cracks are displayed on my sites. i have no such contents.. anyway it will be updated after some times
  3. naveen_reloaded

    Alternative to ADSENSE

    Guys is there anyother alternative for ADSENSE with better payment... Better pay per click and good trust worthy company...like google. And pay thru check or paypal.. Help me guys. And also someone reply to my prev thread regarding ADSENSE in this section.thanks.
  4. naveen_reloaded

    Confused with ADSENSE

    Guy i am really confused with ADSENSE. Please somebody explain me.i dont know. What should i keep in mind?impression or clicks? I really dont get it..it shows ecpm as 10$ something and then in next column shows that my earning is 0.69$,.. I am really confused. And if anyone can say me how...
  5. blademast3r

    A few questions for paypal nd adsense

    Hey guys i hav a few questions for paypal nd adsense.... 1)If my paypal account has 0$ for a long time will it be closed?? after how long?? 2)What is the meaning of veryfing a paypal account...how do i get mine done?? 3)Is it necessary to hav a credit card for google adsense or can i...
  6. gau_pppu

    i want to change the payee name in my adsense account...

    I applied to adsense to change my payee name in my account about 15 days before and they said that they will inform in 48 hr, but till now they didn't reply me and did not change the payee name in my account.. when i made the application then my account balance was $47, after that when it...
  7. P

    Best Way To Withdraw Money of Adsense Cheque ?

    Hi friends, One of my friend got his 1st adsense cheque. He has got cheque from Citibank. He has savings account in HDFC. If we encash cheque in HDFC how much extra do they charge ? No Problem if it takes few days. Please also give opinion about other banks ? Which is the best...
  8. naveen_reloaded

    color pick

    hi all i just want to select the correct color for my adsense to match to my site background.. i tried variuos things but cnt correctly match the color.. can anyone helpme .. by replying on how to pick the color from my site...??/ is there a software or something to help me out .. the...
  9. The_Devil_Himself

    'Adsense is dead' ad on gmail page!lol.

    adsense is dead ad on gmail.Pretty amusing they pass such ads. Why are the advertisers using adsense to promote their product if it is dead. Hehe found it interesting so posted here,this is bandwidth wastage section right? please save the image and then open it to see otherwise the image...
  10. M

    Clickety-Clack ! "Google Adsense Cracked ?"

    India's leading technology magazine DIGIT, has had in its November 2007 issue, a serious look at what one Indian security analyst claims is a flaw in Google’s AdSense ! One Person "Earned" $5000 by his own script just by doing nothing...
  11. anandk

    Clickety-Clack ! "Google Adsense Cracked ?"

    Thanx Digit ! For the interesting Cover Scoop on Google Adsense. Worth blogging, folks ! I have carried it on WinVistaClub as : Clickety-Clack ! "Google Adsense Cracked ?" :D
  12. shyamno

    How to Encash Adsense Check ??

    How to encash a adsense check ? Do I need a bank account ?? If yes ...then which bank ?? Also how can I encash the check from CitiBank ?? Please reply soon ...
  13. appu

    help related to blog

    I have created a blog on blogger long time ago......i didnt update it for long time but now i am interested in it...and i am willing to post and be online for 2-3 hours for the blog. Wat i wann know is how can i earn money wit adsense using my blog and and suggestions for improving my blog...
  14. S

    adsense help

    I recently created my account in adsense and i want know that which ads have high pay per clicks?
  15. S

    adsense pay per clicks

    I recently created my account in adsense but the earning is not so much after thousands of clickings .What do i do now?
  16. The_Devil_Himself

    How to put adsense ads in my blog?

    I started blogging a couple of weeks ago and I just now signed for google adsense.Now somebody tell me how to put adsense ads in my Blog.I tried a couple of guides but they didn't help much.I am using blogspot.
  17. G

    RE:Google Adsense Payment

    I have a query regrading the Google Adsense Payment. Can Google Adsense Payment be made via Paypal(or any other services similar to paypal) If not Please tell me some sites for Blogging n Earning via Paypal(or Egold) by putting Ads
  18. utsav

    post all your ADSENSE related queries here

    I hav seen several threads started to make some query about google adsense so i thouht why not start a thread which will contain all the adsense queries,tips and tricks to enhance adsense earnings;) and etc in one place. so keep posting ur queries and share ur experiences of adsense:) i...
  19. bajaj151

    Adsense on Wordpress

    Is it possible to have adsense ads on my wordpress blog ???
  20. altimate

    "Adsense and AJAX" Can these both go together?

    I read on many web pages that if my site uses total AJAX functionalities then adsense would not work properly, since adsense needs a page refresh before it can scan the page and fetch appropriate ads... + search engine indexing is also not possible with AJAX.. So what should i do??? Stick to...
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