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How to get my adsense approved

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I applied for adsense for my blog but my application got rejected. Though there is nothing objectionable on that.(Its about engineering college to be more clear). It got rejected, reason being unacceptable site content.
I have a shoutbox on that page from other website added via java script widget of google. Could that be the unacceptable part?
I also have another blog on which I talked of window tweaks and workarounds from firewalls for torrents. That blog is also registered on the same account. So could that blog influence their review of the blog I applied for?

Could somebody adsense account holder advice me of what type of content they own/owned at time of application as I am pretty sure that I am adhering to google's program policies.

P.S. I have now deleted my other blog and removed the shoutbox for now. But I shall republish that blog if nothing good comes out of adsense.
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