1. ILoveTech

    Google’s advertising revenue up 18% to $23 billion

    EPS dropped to $5.01 from $7 last year, despite a 21% rise in revenues. There was a 52% annual growth in aggregate paid clicks, while aggregate cost-per-click dropped 23%. Alphabet’s Other Bets division remained in a loss.
  2. vedula.k95

    Malware Injecting ads in browser.

    Hello forum, since afternoon I have encountered a lot of ads injecting on my web browser,I have been tracking task manager but still I won't find any application with suspicious usage of any resources,but here is the thought which pings me. I am using internet through my friends laptop,by...
  3. paroh

    BSNL injecting banner ads into broadband user connections

    * State owned telecom operator BSNL has been injecting banner ads and other service related messages on web browsers within its broadband network. It has followed in the footsteps of the other state owned telecom...
  4. D

    Irritating ads on phone

    I am getting amazon, snapdeal ads on my phone even when using Chrome, newstand. I have using same apps before those ads never appeared . Same with my friend's phone. Is it something to do with lollipop.
  5. dashing.sujay

    How to remove adwares, pop-ups or ads from browsers?

    Adwares / Malwares / Browser Hijackers/ PUPs Removal guide These days, adwares are everywhere. Right from softwares you install, to links you click, to pages you visit and what not. Apart from nasty adwares, which will irritate you to the core, PUPs (Potentially Unwanted Programs) and Browser...
  6. S

    Pop up ads annoying

    I am using android mobile. When i browse through internet, i am getting lots of pop up ads. Its very irritating. please suggest me best anti-pop up application to stop these annoying ads.
  7. Zangetsu

    [IM] Telegram

    how many are using it ? heard that its better than Whatsapp :-D Excellent Features: FAST: Telegram is the fastest messaging app on the market because it uses a distributed infrastructure with data centers positioned around the globe to connect users to the closest possible server...
  8. tanmaymohan

    Ads popping up on MTNL Delhi BB

    I am really unhappy that from now MTNL has started hijacking browsers and adding ads to the page of websites. What actually the problem is that those ads take a whole lot of time to load from the mtnl's ip so I am unable to browse sites(with adblocker enabled, still). Is there any...
  9. W

    Google Adsense news and views

    Adsense is Google's most successful product and recently celebrated its 10 year anniversary. Publishers who are accepted into Adsense are provided scripts that they paste on their websites. The Adsense bots and algorithm then help to transform those scripts into relevant text, images, and...
  10. RohanM

    Google Reportedly Pays Adblock Plus To Not Block Google Ads

    It's a little bit difficult for companies to profit off of online advertising these days, especially when most Internet-savvy users are using services like Adblock to remove unwanted ads. According to German site Horizont, companies may be getting around this by paying off Adblock Plus. Among...
  11. T

    Disabling Ads in IE10

    Does Adblock Plus works on IE10 the same way as in Chrome? It didn't in IE9 , the Indian railways website kept popping up ads :evil:
  12. T

    How much does one make from websites such as TDF?

    Yup, after visiting endless forums on the web, I ask this to myself , how much does one make from these? Does the revenue come from advertising? I don't see any ads after I registered here. If your website gets traffic, would that convert into money?
  13. V

    Magic Remote??????

    I have seen a few YouTube commercials of the Magic Remote. I can’t help but get the feeling that it’s not as effective as shown in the ads. Or is it?
  14. sling-shot

    Download good quality advertisement clips - From where?

    Due to some or other reason we will like some of the ads that run on TV channels. We may like to save them. Presently I use YouTube or rarely the original advertiser's site (not the ad agency). But invariably they turn out to be lower quality videos compared to what is seen on TV. Is there...
  15. balakrish

    way to get LESS-Ads thinkdigit forum :)

    I dont know how many of you already know this. But today only i noticed that. Already i know "fair" amount of details about vBulletin. But today that helped me. If you want to get LESS-ads on thinkdigit forums, then do this: 1.Normal thinkdigit page with ads. 2.Scroll to the bottom...
  16. montsa007

    Post all your personal website related queries here - I'll Answer them

    Hello, I develop websites and would like to help fellow digit users who are developing websites. Feel free to ask about -SEO -Web Design -Hosting -Domains -Scripts -Social Media -Installing Scripts I do not possess the skills of -Coding (Php, Html, Asp etc.,) -Managing a...
  17. bubusam13

    Ads for website and suggestion

    Hi, I hosted my first website I applied for Adsense but it got rejected for some reason. I am not able to figure out why. Even piracy websites like have google ads :( I registered in clicksor but clicksor pays very very less. So kindly suggest me some alternative...
  18. A

    One of the best ads by Coca Cola

    Truly reflects what we are all about .. DqasqRdO7dc
  19. T

    Obtrusive ads on every webpage.

    Hello, Off late i have been noticing ads at the bottom of every website i visit. Even websites which have not subscribed to any ad network have some ads at the bottom of the page. You can check the attachment to get a idea. When i checked the source it seems, these are google ads. I have...
  20. U

    Website advice needed

    I recently started a video sharing website, It's been going well, the server bills for the first month was just 800 bucks, but now they've gone up to around 3000 bucks a month. The site keeps growing by about 2-3gb a day and at times, people even upload about 5 gb of videos in a...
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