experience with windows 8(& i thought vista was bad)


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so i bought a win 8 laptop for my cousin who specifically wanted a touch screen.i started to setup the laptop for him & after a while realized all the hate about metro UI & win 8 in general.i do appreciate touch interface & am quite comfortable using ipad,ipod & iphone but this metro touch UI just doesn't work for me.anyway i am not the one to discard a product simply based on aesthetics/UI & after spending a few minutes to learn all the basic maneuvers i though that ok i can live with it.however at this point i ran into functional issues which are a big no for me.it started with me trying to access win 8 laptop over lan from a win 7 pc.i entered the usual username/password for account but got wrong credentials error.after a few minutes i realized that it is because win 8 does not really change account username once it is formed for "real access" but only superficial display change of name at start menu/explorer menus.i confirmed this by checking that user profile folder in C drive retains the name first used to create account even if you rename the account later.i thought no problem let's just rename the user profile folder,i mean how hard can it be,wrong again.i tried everything from microsoft live account to creating & deleting multiple accounts to trying command prompt & registry hacks(works but with possible future issues & simply not worth the time) & gave up.i agree that for those who just use pc/laptop for typical usage & never go into great details win 8 has no issues but for me it was a bad experience.on my system i am going to stick with win 7 as long as it is supported or MS offer something better than windows 8.
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