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  1. H

    Unable to buy Netflix with a non-US credit Card

    Hi, I am a non-US person living in a Non-US country which makes me a big NO NO for netflix! :/ ... I am looking to get a subscription but it won't accept my credit card, even when I link the credit card to paypal, it won't accept it. Any other way I can buy netflix?? I looked at...
  2. N

    Which power supply?

    I have a Corsair VX 550w PSU which is now dead. I confirmed it by shorting Green & Black wire & fan is not spinning. Where do I send it for RMA in Mumbai ? In case that exact model is not available which one should I accept as replacement so that it fits properly in my cabinet ? System...
  3. D

    Which Cpu as good as 965 be quad?

    so my processor is being sent to amd in bangalore for rma. i wanted to know if they still produce 965 be quad and if not what other processor should i accept from them, the cpu being 3.4ghz quad, multiplier unlocked with c3 stepping. i do not want a downgrade.
  4. L

    Which partition manager works best and free?

    I want to resize partition of my laptop. Could anyone tell me which one works best? Is it free? I can accept it if it's not too expensive. Many thanks.
  5. Dragonslayer

    Fight against budgets.

    Every year the government comes up with something which is hated by all.But we dont or cant do nothing more than rant about it and eventually accept it. Dont you guys think something should be done against this.Enough of this nonsense, No biased reply.please reply from your point of view.
  6. @

    Anyone Here Studying at or Know About 'IIIT' Colleges ?

    I am considering colleges which accept without GATE for MTech / MS by Research / PhD programmes. I found out about IIIT colleges, they have their own entrance examinations. Notice that it is not IIT, it's IIIT - International Institute of Information Technology. IIIT Hyderabad Also if...
  7. H

    5.1 speakers

    I am looking for 5.1 speakers for my home in the range of Rs. 2500-3000. I am being offered Philips DSP50N for Rs. 3000/-, but I can't find product information anywhere on the web. So I am a bit confused. Please guide me whether I should accept the offer or is there any better product available...
  8. J

    Noctua Products

    Well, Whwere i can find Noctua Products in India Accept itwares. I wanna buy noctua NH U 12P HSF. I cant find it any where accept ebay and itwares. Pls tell me.
  9. techking_dinesh

    How to accept Online payments ? :(

    Hello, I am making a website. It will be having some .exe files available for download ( These files have some graphical images related to mechanical engineering.. and be rotated with mouse to get different views ) I will be keeping 10-15 .exe for free the rest ( approx 200 ) will be paid...
  10. R

    Accept payment through website

    Hi, i am planning to start a website where i will sell a very few products. so my requirement is that i need to accept payment from my website. so how do i proceed? i expect my sales would be just 5-10 products a day. do i need to go for my personal Merchant account? infact i dont...
  11. A

    Any Indian Shop That Accept Paypal ?

    Actually I do SEO Work, Designs and make youtube videos, for that I get money in Paypal. So is there any indian shop which accept paypal ? i am using infibeam but they take large price, also Rs.41/- for 1$ so if I buy from paypal , it charges 10% extra. Also i would like to know if there is any...
  12. phuchungbhutia

    SBI ATM alternative ?

    Some months ago there was notif that we can use atm card at other atm machines too without shelling out extra fees . . I have sbi atm card . . Problem is that it is always packed . . I tried going to axis bank atm but it didnt accept my card . . I want to know which all atm accept sbi cards . .
  13. K

    Online Store??

    Hey people, I wanted to know that do you know any games online store that accepts paypal?? I have seen with nextworld ,they dont accept paypal... Please let me know any Online Store which sells games like crysis,far cry,gta4 etc. And accept paypal.. Thank You.
  14. A

    How to accept payment by card at my retail shop

    Hi All I have a retail shop in a small city of uttar pradesh. I want facility to accept payment from my customer through credit/debit cards. How do i get this facility. please tell the whole procedure and total investment required.
  15. GameAddict

    Recommend-GSM/CDMA Handset 5k-7k

    Hi, I plan to purchase a new mobile connection and will have to get a new handset for this. Basically looking for (in descending order)- Good Battery Life MP3 capable (for Audiobooks mostly)-1GB-2GB capacity(should accept my EP-630) Scratch-proof/resistant screen Budget is...
  16. panacea_amc

    Sony Ericcson question.>>

    There is setting in SE fones to accpet certain call in Settings>Manage Calls> Accpet calls.. The default no of address to be added in the 'Accept calls' menu is 10. can this no. be increased?? Thanks in advance!
  17. gauravsuneja

    can i trust this site for getting iphone

    i have been spammed by many sites letters after i inquired abou the iphone .ithought why not get it from outside if it can be shipped in india free the company wrote me the leter after i advised cod not paypal tarnsaction "Hello, thanks for your mail and interest in our product... we...
  18. speedyguy

    Plz help me wit these drivers...

    see image below... iv installed xp aftr removing vista from my hp pavilion tablet pc (amd64*2, 1gb, 120gb hdd, nvidia geforce go6150 wit touch screen n fingr reader etc.) found n downloaded all drivers accept these flashing in device manager....can ne1 recognise it n tell me whr can i...
  19. A

    Yahoo Voice $25,$50 and VCC for PayPal, Adwords

    I am selling Yahoo Voice $50 Accounts for $35 Yahoo Voice $25 For $15 VCC For PayPal = $5.40 VCC For Adwords/Ebay = $4 I accept Paypal and egold contact me on: vcc_seller@yahoo.com [messenger]
  20. sauyadav

    How to sign SIS files

    I Know the process, you don't need to tell it to me. But I cannot create account at Symbian Signed because they do not accept free email providers (Yahoo, Gmail etc.). Please tell me how can I get a buisness ID.:(
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