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Anyone Here Studying at or Know About 'IIIT' Colleges ?


I am considering colleges which accept without GATE for MTech / MS by Research / PhD programmes. I found out about IIIT colleges, they have their own entrance examinations.

Notice that it is not IIT, it's IIIT - International Institute of Information Technology.

IIIT Hyderabad

Also if you know any good colleges which accept without GATE score, please reply here. Thank you !


IIIT H is more practically oriented than any engineering college in India for CS and ECE branches. You will be a true engineer if you pass out from there. Decent placements as well.

You can take my word for it or continue asking around. :p :D


^thanks for replying :)

From what I have found out, IIIT H is really awesome.*

Are u a IIIT alumni ? ;)

Btw I am looking for MTech course, not BTech.*

Also any idea about IIIT B ?*

Also I did not applied for IIIT entrance this year (same with GATE), so after Btech, in next two months, I will take job & prepare for next GATE & also IIIT entrance. But any idea how tough it will be ? I mean difficulty level ? I searched whole net couldn't gather much info :(


No, not an alumnus but close enough (had the opportunity to talk to some faculty). M.Tech course is good, but like I said, it's only that good for ECE and Comps/IT. Other fields in there (if present) are mediocre.

Unfortunately I do not have placement data at this time. As for GATE/IIIT entrance, it's basically about the level of your B.Tech examinations (most will say a bit tougher). Which branch are you from?
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