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  1. A

    Suggest a monitor for 5/6K

    Hi i am building a new PC, so i need a new monitor.My overall budget for the PC is 35K. My build's configuration : I5 4460 B85m mobo Antec vp 450 1 tb wd blue 8gb kingston hyper x fury I will buy a graphic card later (Gtx 950) 1. Budget? 5-6k 2. Display type and size? I do not know about...
  2. N

    40j5570 vs 43w800c

    Hi folks, I am in market to buy a 40 inch led tv by this Diwali. I have narrowed down to Samsung 40j5570 and Sony 43W800c. Sony is 6k more costlier than Samung's. I heard that Sony's android TV's have hanging problems. (any ownership experience from anybody???) Need suggestion in...
  3. T

    Android smartphone for 25k

    I am looking to buy a smartphone in a week or two. Budget is 25k(+/-2k). It would be used for calls and web browsing and texting mostly.. very casual gaming at most... Camera, build quality and screen are priorities. Was looking at- 1. Honor 6 plus- dual camera makes me hesitant.. also looks...
  4. W

    Suggestion for tablet within 25k

    Hi, Looking for a tablet within 25k with atleast 9.7" screen and preferably on android as IPAD is out of budget. This will be used for browsing, gaming (Not heavy visuals) and smooth play back of 720p films. Functionality should be flawless though without stuck issuues. Kindly suggest one...
  5. akhilc47

    Why 720p videos have width less than that?

    Why 720p videos have height less than that? This is a silly doubt I've been having for a long time. Whenever I get a video file named as 720p or BRrip or 1080p their actual video frame height is less. Like 536 or so for 720p files. My idea was HD is 1280*720 and fHD is 1920*1080. But for almost...
  6. Gaurav265

    What is the use of 1080p display

    I have read somewhere that human eye can't differenciate ppi higher than approx. 250.now a days many 1080p display phones have released.so,i want to know that what is the use of 1080p display or 441ppi if we cant see differences,is 720p display is not enough.guys plss clear my doubts,and plsss...
  7. srkmish

    Regarding fhd videos and gaming on lg 42pn4500

    Im planning to buy this tv cuz its cheapest plasma with good reviews - LG Electronics PN4500 42PN4500 42-Inch Plasma 720p 600Hz TV (Black):Amazon:Electronics Wanted to know whether fhd videos will run well in 720p plasma tv?. Also with regards to gaming, will it have good frames per second to...
  8. amjath

    The Apple iPhone 5s slo-mo video is not actually 720p- GSMArena Exclusive

    So finger print reader hacked and now this slow motion is flawed[can be fixed by update] so no reason to upgrade to 5s huh Source
  9. B

    Do half HD and full HD look very different?

    I'm thinking of getting a new computer, but in the beginning I'll be using the integrated graphics on Intel. Later I'll save money and get a better graphics card. The monitor I'll get is a full HD one, the Dell 22 inch one that is recommended in most configs. Right now I have a laptop with 1366...
  10. S

    Micromax Canvas 2 Plus(A110Q) Vs. Karbonn S5 Titanium

    Im planning to buy a phone in the budget of 10k Main purpose would be to Gaming and watching Videos (720P also),also amongst the two also which has a better camera ??
  11. bhushan2k

    phone for bro in 15-20k

    (he said 15k but m gonna convince him till 18-19k :P) i know i should suggest him XL without looking anywhere else..but still.. some features of XL disappoint me like low ppi..no BE.viewing angles n screen quality not awesome..camera not up to the mark including just 720p video..no tv out...
  12. sandyss

    Galaxy win issues!

    I bought a new galaxy grand quattro(win). But when i copied some videos which are 1080p or 720p the phone :-x!!! What is going on here?How can i solve the problem? PLEASE HELP?
  13. R

    Is HTC One Mini/HTC M4 Confirmed Device ?

    The HTC M4 should also come with a dual core processor with 2 GB of RAM and 16 GB of internal storage space. It will come with a 4.3" 720p display and a 1700 mAh battery. The device should be 4G LTE compatible and come with Android 4.2 Jelly Bean
  14. A

    720P stuttering on ASUS 1225c netbook

    hi, I just bought a ASUS 1225c netbooks and installed Windows 7 32 bit on it. 720P video is stuttering on it. What should I do to run it smoothly?
  15. prvprv

    graphics card for hd movie watching on old CPU

    Hi friends I have a old CPU with MSI 761GM2-V motherboard ( MSI Global ? Mainboard - 761GM2-V ) with AMD Athlon 64 ~2.2 GHz processor and 512 MB DDR RAM It can play upto 480p videos nicely. but cannot play 720p or 1080p videos. as it has a PCI EX16 slot can you suggest a ultra low budget...
  16. C

    Best Digi Cam around 5K

    Hey i wanna buy a simple digital cam for my basic purpose to capture some moments..... since i am little low on my budget i want to spent little around 5000/- so guys plz suggest some good cam for my purpose these are my requirements 14 M.P self timer auto focus smile,face blink detection...
  17. shuhailnp

    Karbonn A18

    Hi, This is my new karbonn A18 , bought it 3 days back for Rs 9700.. http://www.facebook.com/groups/174015199402317/ pros- 4.3 ics screen is awsome !!! Cheap . 512mb ram ics super smooth performance plays 720p video with little lag (in mxplayer) 5mp with 720p ...
  18. A

    3D gaming

    I've been thinking of buying Samsung e550 plasma tv with over 50 inch size primarily for gaming in 3D and then movies on a big screen, but am confused now. Seems like my XFX HD5850 would not be able to handle the load although I plan to run it at 720p @ 60hz - using hdmi 1.4 cable. This...
  19. S

    Super confusion... 720p or 1080p for 32" HDTV??

    I am planning to buy 32" HDTV... viewing distance will be 4ft+ ...preferably LED backlit. Budget - around 32k. Not really more than this. Purpose- normal television viewing and HD ripped content. yesterday I had visited Chroma and noted some observations. But I have following queries, putting in...
  20. kool

    Hows Nikon L25 digi cam with 720p Vid Rec @ Rs.3800

    Guys, i want expert suggestion buying digital camera for my GF. I'm getting Nikon L25 @ Rs.3800 after applying Rs.1000 discount code. I loved its spec. specially 720p Video Rec, but it has AA size battery. Now plz reply soon..... I'm waiting for ur reply....
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