1. M

    Camera - Budget 15k - 17k Max.

    Hi Guys, I am planning to buy myself a new camera, so i am in need of your suggestions. I will lay down my the necessities below, My complete emphasis is only on the image quality...I will be using it for outdoor shoots mostly.. There are no preferences for P&S or Bridge... Either is...
  2. Baker

    Mobile Under 17K

    Guys i am looking for a Android phoine under 17k Max [ actually i extended from 15k] , my requirements 1:normal internet usage 2:normal gaming 3:music quality should be good 4: good battery back up not considering any particular brand , but looking more of a sharp edged shape than...
  3. S

    Best graphics card under 20,000 rupees ?

    Wanna buy a gpu under 1 week , which is the best one? I wanna play bf4 , cod ghosts , hitman absolution etc in full settings. I was planning to buy a asus r9 270x DC2 top edition which is for 17k or zotac gtx 760 which is for 19k, the 270x is much better in my opinion as its 2k less than 760 and...
  4. koolent

    AdvancedPoint and shoot for around 17k.

    Sup everybody, so I am planning to buy a P-n-S within 17k. I don't have much knowledge regarding cameras so, this humble request. Another request though, please suggest fast as you can because I might buy ASAP. It must provide control over most feats manually but since mom & dad and my...
  5. I

    Processor in 8k or Cabinet(FULL) in 17k

    Want to buy a processor in 8k. Planning to change my cabinet(FULL). If possible plz tell me full specs for the Cabinet in 17k budget. I already have DVD writer and HDDs so dont include it in cabinet. I'll be using it for my college work(IT) and a little bit gaming :razz:
  6. B

    AMD PC for 17K

    I only have 17K at present :( I've never used an AMD PC before, and am apprehensive, as earlier I used to hear about heating problems. But have decided to go for it. I'll be using it for general purposes, watching HD videos and gaming (don't know names of games, whatever runs), and a bit...
  7. Kiss

    Phones under 17k

    Hey Guys ,My Budget is to max of 17k. Please suggest some good android phones (atleast ICS). Thanks... :)
  8. C

    Mobile under 17k

    Hey M looking for a mobile handset under 17k..earlier i was luking for Desire x but it crosses my budget...strict budget can't exceed further.(Samsung to be avoided). Is there any launch near diwali..under 17k..
  9. User Name

    Android phone within 15 to 17K ?

    Plz suggest me a good resolution dispaly phone within 15 to 17K. A good dpi (above 200) is my primary req. I shortlisted DEFY+ Xperia RAY (don't know exact price) Xperia neo V Which one is better ? Any other suggestions? :|
  10. S

    Cell Phone suggestion under 17K.

    Hi their everone.... I am planning of purchasing a mobile phone under 17K in next couple of days and I need some suggestions regarding the same. I was thinking of grabbing a Omnia W but the fact is that it has a couple of limitations (Just 8Gb of storage, no file manager, etc ,etc)...
  11. R

    Nikon 70-300mm AF-S VR

    Hi Guys, got a nikon D5100 camera couple of weeks back and was looking for a zoom lens and narrowed it down to 70-300mm VR. New one's seem to be costly around 27k... so planning to go for Refurbished one.. Any place in bangalore/Chennai where i can get those? My budget is around 17k...
  12. Raziel

    Best Processor+Mobo for 3D Rendering ?

    Hi guys, I wanna do a lot of 3D graphics & rendering stuff. Can someone suggest a good CPU + Motherboard under 17k suitable for the task ? Also like to know the price of a cheap nVidia Quadro FX card.. Thanks :)
  13. nvrmndryo

    suggest me 5.1 Receiver within 17k !

    I am tired of searching home theaters for my pc , Instead I am thinking of Buying good receiver & attach to my pc , Will it work ? Please suggest me Receiver within 17k , I'll Prefer Yamaha , coz I've heard one of them n was very good. I'll buy speakers and woofer later . receiver should have...
  14. R

    Led monitor for 15k to 17k

    Going to buy a new led monitor next month in between 15k to 17k, will be used for watching movies and gaming purposes. So plz suggest something as soon as possible
  15. saswat23

    Netbook with good graphics under 17k.

    I am planning to buy a netbook, my prefrences are: -> 250GB or more HDD -> 1 or 2 GB (preferred) RAM -> Excellent battery life for atleast 8hrs -> Price Under 15k is much preffered or Max 17k -> OS: XP or Win7 -> 10" or more Screen prefered I will be basically using this for browsing...
  16. M

    need a mobile in 17k

    please suggest me a android mobile within 17k and it should have HD video recording and should be able to play hd games like asphalt 5 hd please im in a hurry i need to buy with i this saturday please help me
  17. R


    I want to buy a camcorder, but am really confused to choose one. I just want to do normal home user recording. My budget is around 17k. I have my brothers wedding.so would be shooting at night too. Any suggestions would be appreciated,
  18. P

    Best Netbook with 15k - 17k budget?

    Hello, I am in need of a netbook and my budget is around 15k - 17k. Priority: 1. Battery Uptime 2. Looks Please suggest. Thank you.
  19. Vensanga

    Phone to buy

    Well if the SE w902 is not available in India can u pliz suggest me a mobile phone that cost below 17k..and not the flip,twist,slide type..the looks shud be simple and smart and well built.. any suggestion pliz..
  20. frederick_benny_digit

    New cam needed budget around 17k

    Guys im looking for a new cam....budget around 17k....was thinking of coolpix p80... need crisp pics, mostly for outdoorshoting......not for professional uses but need good quality.. optical zoom wud be preferred...any suggestions ???
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