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Your Gaming Backlog/Progress Report!


In the zone
Finally completed Alan Wake yesterday. Its the best horror game I have played after Dead Space 2. Best part was its story. Story alone is compelling enough to let you keep playing.


The silent Warrior
Completed arkham city great story made by the creators this time they really made the difference after arkham asylum we get the another twist in the tale , after this i am sure the when the next story will be released it has a huge year leap in the game & also completed bf3 . :razz:


-Hooked on to Orcs Must Die! 2, Limbo
-Played one level of Orcs Must Die! 1 and deleted it since it dusn allow skill reset. Of course not better than OCD! 2
-Completed story of Torchlight. Played an alchemist. Got pwnt on the last floor so activated cheats lol. Restarting now after getting better understanding of the game :)
-Started BF3, COD-MW3 (Failing badly at playing these since I was playing GR:FS and SPec Ops the line before these and I'm used to the Take Cover-Hide-Shoot style which is not present in the aforementioned games :X)
-Didn't like GTA IV,Dirt 3


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Inversion - escaped form the lootadors - searching for Leila ....

the gravity thing is fun to use but still I've not got a good grip of it .. playing with traditional run and gun style.


typo. torchlight 1 :oops:

yes, next will start alan wake. my friend said american nightmare is really short. is it so?

yes , also its very easy than original, still its fun. Consider it an action spin-off to series.
Original game is great , both dlc too.


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Inversion - learnt how to fly/float around using gravity and now I'm in search for Camp T'Kal.
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