1. S

    Using smartphone as a gamepad

    Can I use a smartphone as a gamepad for playing desktop games, android games in emulator, games in another android/iOS phone? Is there any app(s) supporting this feature?
  2. Vyom

    A way to find a content on multiple streaming platforms at once

    Is there any aggregator site / Android TV app or something using which I can search for any content on any of the popular streaming sites like, Prime Video, Hotstar, Zee, SonyLiv etc? I am fed up trying to search for a movie on multiple platforms one by one, most of them which don't even...
  3. M

    What are the best mobile apps you have used?

    Here is my list. 1. Inshorts to read news quickly. 2. Google Search for searching anything 3. 1 Weather for weather updates...
  4. M

    apps for study

    hi friends please inform me about the apps which is helpful in IAS and other UPSC exams.
  5. D

    Galaxy s4 app crashes and wallpaper resets

    There are few apps which crashes after some extended use and then the wallpaper resets to stock one. I have rooted lollipop os. I have tried those apps on other phones and also on some custom s4 roms and it worked fine.
  6. patkim

    Celkon A35k - OS does not understand to install apps on SD card

    I am temporarily using my spare Celkon A35K mobile. It's low quality phone with just 256MB internal storage. I have inserted 4GB microsd card in there and it's detected properly too. It shows free space of some 3.7GBs for the SD card. There's a setting to install new apps to either SD card or...
  7. meetdilip

    Apps with Chromecast 2 support

    Could you share a few good and popular apps that support Chromecast 2 ? As of now, I know of YouTube and Hotstar. Does MX Player support casting ?
  8. A

    Battery saving apps

    So far , I use "Purify" , one of the best batterr saving apps, it is great. But I wonder any other apps for saving battery life for android phone? My phone is xiaomi 5.
  9. kool

    How to transfer files, apps & settings from one laptop to another in Windows 10 ?

    Hi guys, I am already using this laptop from 6 month (or say netbook) "iBall compbook" and again I bought same model for my sister. From 6 month i have tweaked settings and removed some in built apps, features like cortana. Now its really irritating process to tweak settings, removing apps...
  10. S

    need help on buying an android box!

    apologies for any mistakes as this would be my first post here! I own a 32" samsung LED tv at my flat and as i am a student i didnt get a cable connection but was just using it to watch movies stores on flash drives. now I have a wifi connection at my place and so i would like to buy an...
  11. Charley

    Need Phone less than Rs.8000

    I'm looking for best brand with the following criteria - Big Display[4.5 inches and more] - Android only - Internal Memory of 1 GB and more - Should run apps like Wechat, watsapp, imo, office suite, pdf viewer and apps without any issues - Best SAR value Is MI phones the best? I mean...
  12. ShankJ

    Redmi Mi Note Pro - language problem..

    I recently got a new Mi Note Pro for my dad from China.. The phone is just awesome, the feel, build and camera quality are just perfect but the thing that i did not know is that since it has not been out for global release, many of the internal (pre-loaded apps) are in Chinese.. I tried changing...
  13. lovedonator

    Adware on my android. Help

    I have a Moto X Play, not rooted, and since yesterday my lock screen has been replaced by 'DU Quick Charge' Lock screen which is basically just adware. There is an option to disable it but it doesn't work and it always comes back. I searched about it and it seems there are a few apps which have...
  14. ajayritik

    Need help in moving stuff out of android to Iphone

    I recently got iPhone and would want my contacts and other apps data to be moved to my iPhone. 1.Firstly do I need to check if all my contacts from my android phone moved to google and then take back up and then import them to my Android? 2. I use some apps like Expense Manager, Any.Do is this...
  15. D

    After deleting system/app space doesn't increase

    Guys, i have a hcl tablet which doesn't have google play service. I rooted the tabled, now when i am coping the app to system/app there is no space only 38mb free, google play service is 40mb. I deleted some apps from the system/app folder, but the space doesn't increase. I have deleted 2...
  16. A

    microsoft lumia 535 supports 4G ?

    Dear sir, is Microsoft lumia 535 upgradable to 4G LTE tech.Pleasee help how it will support 4G.Also please help on how can I install android apps on my Microsoft lumia 535 .
  17. P

    Dth Offers

    Is there any DTH provider who gives any cash back offers by paying through an app? If so please give me some list of apps. Thanks !
  18. V

    Comp boots properly, then slows down and pretty much stops working

    Hi, I have a Win 10 PC, assembled. It was working flawlessly till recently. Now, it boots up properly and for the first few minutes, it works well too. Then, it absolutely slows down and i can't open any application, be it Windows or others like Firefox etc. The surprising part is if i...
  19. J

    APP suggestion ( cross platform)

    Hello folks, I use an android smartphone ( MI 4 ) for regular use, have a Mac Air for personal surfing etc. and some other windows based PCs. Urgently need the following APPs which can be synced and used on all 3 platforms. 1. Calendar App showing appointments 2. Music player with...
  20. stellar

    Download apps

    what is the best free youtube download apps in google apps store.
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