Why shd I b allowed to install Linux?

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HI Guys,
I am a student of Mayo College Ajmer.
We hv lots of comp with one of the best IT infrastructure!
The whole of over campus has 300+ comp but jst the servers running Linux!
As I am one of the biggest Linux fan, i want Linux to b installed...

For this I need to take ther permission from IT admin
I m required to present few reasons so tht Lionux gets installed in one of the systems in our lab.
Wht wll b its use for me?
Why I want it to b installed....
Whether ity wll b benefitial or jst aquire a place in lab?
Well i m a Csc srudent currently studying C++ in class 11th..


most of the reasons are for business organisation, u can make urs like u want to install it for learning purpose, but i am doubtful that u will get permission:(


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Here are some reasons that you can suggest for installing Linux:

* High reliability, stability, security of the O.S

* Best platform to learn languages like C/C++, JAVA with IDEs like Eclipse, NetBeans,
JDeveloper, Anjuta etc.,

* Linux is the future. So it's very important to learn Linux.

* Lots of applications are available. From Office suite, MP3 players, VCD/DVD Players,
Audio editors, Video editors etc.,

* Since it's based on UNIX, it will help us learn more about the UNIX!!
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1. Lower Total Cost of Ownership
Independent TCO surveys support Linux as the most cost effective operating system available
on the market today. Lower TCO improves the bottom line.
2. Premier Security
Linux provides industry-leading security to both desktops and servers with the fewest high-level
security issues of any OS.
3. Highest Reliability
Linux provides renowned reliability to increase up time and improve worker productivity.
4. Avoiding Vendor Lock In
Linux prevents vendor lock in and promotes competition to lower software costs.
5. Ease of Migration
Linux allows migration paths suitable for each type of organization, whether migrating to mixed
OS systems or moving an entire network of servers and desktops to Linux.
6. World Class Support
A wide variety of large and small technology companies such as IBM, HP, and Novell provide
Linux support to every size of business.
7. Rapid Employee Training and Certification
The Linux desktop and applications appear remarkably similar to current standard desktops so
employee down time due to retraining is minimal.
8. Inexpensive Standard Desktop Software
Standard desktop applications such as word processing, spreadsheets, and presentation
software are available for free or at reasonable prices on Linux.
9. Improved Custom Applications
Numerous software development firms provide reliable and secure custom application
development for business and organization systems.
10. Superior Network and Systems Management
Linux provides robust network and systems management capabilities to improve administration


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Most of them apply to colleges and universities too. Who wouldn't want to reduce their cost of ownership. Why wouldn't the college want better security? In fact that's the reason why servers run on linux. The fact that servers run on linux, proves college authorities are not averse to linux. IMO, it seems they feel it will be difficult to maintain linux on desktop without help of professionals. If you can convince them that somebody will be able to maintain and avoid misuse of the linux machine, I believe your college will accept having a linux machine for students.


+absence of BSODS, antiviruses, antispywares, 3rd party firewalls! And various hinderances that come on windows that can obstruct ur study! Tell em u dont wanna waste time in system maintainence like in windows!


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You have already got some great help but considering the kind of institution you are part of, you should also consider contacting some "Linux User Groups" (LUGs). I have searched around and looks like Rajasthan is one of those rare states that don't have a LUG. In this case you should contact India LUG

Talk to the admins/members of LUG on IRC or join their mailing list. Ask them if they can organise a presentation in your school for your IT department so as to convince them to install Linux. Who knows, you might see all 300 computers switching to Linux :p


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That'd be great, if all clients can move to linux too. Convincing shouldn't be a big effort IMO, if you can prove that it's maintaince is possible and easy and it will work fine enough without giving problems.
Eddie's advice is good, try to contact FOSS enthusiasts in and around your area, they will be sure to help out with this.


well ppl here in forum itself have lot of misconceptions, what u guys think of creating a thread in general section(b'cos ppl 50% dont come to this section) where we can clear many doubts of the members???


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Jst now I want only one P.C to b installed with Linux...
And ya I cant blabber in front off hime speaking,Sir"Linux is robust,secure stable etc" .He is IT admin and is well proficient with Linux!!
I want reasons tht how it is useful for me(A class 11th boy studying C++)?
How wll it b helpful fr the students in general..
I need to convince him tht there r certain tasks fr which i need Linux regularly and the OS wont lie in the hard drive uselessly.

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Well I don't know what reasons you should give, BUT, prepare yourself for questions like, What about good technical support?, who will teach it to other students?, who will solve the problems (if any)?

From my experience in my college. I am telling you this that there are not many people who have knowledge of linux and if a student has more knowledge than an admin, then the ego problem comes there. I am saying to think of these before going to your sir. I have experienced things like these.

Be careful, if you show that you have more knowldge than admin, then he might get angry. I am saying me 'might'. Think of this, everybody is not like this but few people are. It's better to think of all this first.


Ok I got u!
Then tell him u wanna learn Unix commands! That's best reason I can think of! Otherwise as u say...he'll keep on saying "That u can do this on windows too"! or u can say u wanna do "UnIX Programming", learn "SHELL SCRIPTING"! What else ?

Tell him anything u can do on Unix and not on windows!


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As far as a teaching institution is concerned, their main concern will be to teach students, what they will need in their future. Since LInux is here to stay AND IS going to be a major contender for windows, the students need to learn it. That could be one reason.

(I am not too good at communication, you could phrase this differently)


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Also, you can state the presence of gcc a very good c/c++ compiler available on linux, since you'll are learning c++. You can say, you want to learn c++ programming in linux environment and that you can handle it yourself. Also, you can tell him that you want to learn about shell scripting, as mediator said. Also, state that since linux will be relatively unknown for most students, it's highly unlikely that they will mess around with settings and all, thus reducing the maintainance headache of the admin.
You can also tell them that you want to pursue development Open Source projects in future, where knowledge of unix like systems is essential and linux is best way to start, according to you.


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@Nitish, By now you have all the pros & cons for using Linux. Also @Mehul has
summed up things very nicely. That's all you need for convincing the IT admins
to install Linux in the lab. Make sure someone is good enough in your College to teach
you all Linux!!!


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hope the it admin guy there- is not a crack:D coz as u said he knows whaat linux is offering and again sticking to M$ :confused: think he is afraid his job vill be gone when there was no virus,no spam etc to "administrate"!


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Ever tried arguing with as sysadmin gary? Ever read the BOFH series??

<grin> Don't even try that.
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